Global Markets for Non-Sugar Sweeteners

Published - Sep 2011| Analyst - Shalini Shahani Dewan| Code - FOD044A
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The global market for non-sugar sweeteners in 2010 was at about $9.2 billion and is expected to reach $9.3 billion in 2011. The market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.1% and reach nearly $9.9 billion by 2016.


The scope of this study encompasses the non-sugar sweetener, bio-technical, chemical, and food and beverage markets.  BCC analyzes each market and its applications, regulatory environment, technology involved, market projections, and market share.  Technological issues include the latest trends and developments. The global market is measured and analyzed.


The study has been carried out by a team of professionals in the biotechnical and food and beverage industries.  The project manager for this project is Shalini S. Dewan, who holds a master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and has over 14 years of industry experience.  Among the research topics she has covered are studies on compounds of potential pharmaceutical interest from ibuprofen and 2-naphthyl acetic acid.  Shalini was awarded a Gold Medal by the Prime Minister of India for her work and has worked with top companies in India and in the U.S. Some of her other reports with BCC are Reagents of Chromatography; Spectroscopy, An Enduring Market; Advanced Drug Delivery Systems: Technologies and Global Markets; Orthopedic Drugs, Implants and Devices; Medical Imaging Reagents; Pharmaceutical Regulatory Industry; The Dynamic Media, Sera, and Reagent Market in Biotechnology; Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Research and Packaging: Global Markets; Chiral Technology: Global Markets; Autacoids and Related Drugs: Technologies and Global Markets; Contraceptives: Technologies and Global Markets; Liver Disease Treatments: The Global Market; Hormone Replacement Therapies and Other Hormone Therapies: Global Markets; Cardiovascular Medicine: Diagnostics, Drugs and Devices; Cancer Therapies: Technologies and Global Markets; and Medical Imaging Reagents and Analysis Equipment.

The lead analyst for this project was Urvashi Malhotra, a nutritionist, who holds a masters degree in foods and nutrition and hospital management.  She has a number of research publications in her credit, including her thesis, on “Development of Products Using Various Alternative Sweeteners.”

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