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Global Market For Membrane Bioreactors To Be Worth $627 Million In 2015

May 19, 2011

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Wellesley, Mass. – According to a new technical market research report, MEMBRANE BIOREACTORS: GLOBAL MARKETS (MST047C) from BCC Research (, the value of the global market for membrane bioreactors was $337 million in 2010, but is expected to increase to $627 million in 2015, for a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2%.

In commercial use for about two decades, membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, a combination of membrane microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) and biological degradation, is becoming widespread for wastewater treatment and water recycling for industrial, municipal, in-building, and marine use.

As many as 6,000 MBRs are in operation worldwide. Although most of these are small systems, they are operating on a wide variety of wastewaters from communities, municipalities, industry, and seagoing vessels. The global MBR market is rising at a growth rate faster than the larger market for wastewater treatment equipment and more rapidly than the market for other types of membrane systems treating wastewater.

Issues of water quality, water quantity, and aging or nonexisting infrastructure propel the market for MBRs. Environmental regulations in the U.S. and overseas are the strongest sales drivers for all MBR purchases:  industrial, municipal, domestic, maritime, and other end uses. Emerging applications exist in treating landfill leachate, wastewater polluted with trace pharmaceutical compounds, denitrification of drinking water, and groundwater remediation.

In the future, the MBR market also will see a larger percentage of revenues from sales of replacement membrane elements for existing installations.  Membrane lifetimes average from 5 years or 10 years, resulting in a CAGR of approximately 10% annually for the membrane module portion of the market. With maturity of the MBR market, sales of replacement products will account for up 40% of the total market.

The report is divided into chapters dealing with the membrane component of MBRs, the biological component, system configurations, typical MBR performance, cost analyses, system applications, companies active in the market, market share, and industry structure.  Quantitative evaluations are given for the major market segments, historically and for a five-year horizon. The global scope of the MBR market is identified within four major geographical regions with information on regional economics, water needs, MBR experience, and proposed projects.

The study is designed to be as comprehensive as possible and to be usable by a broad audience of business, technical, and regulatory practitioners on a global scale. The document is an information source on the industry, a reference manual on an advanced technology and its system components, and a resource that provides information to decision-makers who need to stay abreast of the state of the art.

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Source: BCC Research

Membrane Bioreactors: Global Markets( MST047C )
Publish Date: Mar 2011    

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