Labeling and Linkage Agents for Immunoassays and Gene Probes

Published - Apr 2006| Analyst - Yatin Thakore| Code - BIO038B
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Report Highlights

  • In vitro and in vivo diagnostics account for nearly 87% of a total market of more than US $8.0 billion. This market will show a steady annual growth of around 6.6% for the next five years.
  • Immunoassay analysis for environmental contaminants is a promising development sector in the coming years. Though the market for probes in environmental testing is small, it is expected to grow at the rate of around 10.5% per year, due to the increasing scientific awareness, bioterrorism preparedness and funding.
  • Fluorescent compounds have the largest share of the market, followed by chemiluminescent and radioactive compounds which have about the same market share. All types of materials will have fairly healthy growth over the next five years.


The segment of the diagnostic industry using immunoassays and gene probes is relatively young and undergoing rapid changes spurred on by the rapid progress in biotechnology and medicine. This area is now experiencing major R&D initiatives, resulting in the development of the number of new products, and in improvement of sensitivities and performance of several existing products. This has a direct impact on the demand, consumption and future growth of the labeling and linking agents that go into products. There is therefore a need for an up to date, comprehensive global report on reagents that make up diagnostic tests.


This important report:

  • Assesses technological developments and how they will impact the industry
  • Identifies the driving forces for demand
  • Makes available the most current and reliable information on consumption of probes and related chemicals in enzyme immunoassay
  • Estimates the global supply and demand scenario broken down by applications and regions
  • Assesses the growth rate in demand
  • Projects demand and supply by applications and regions up to 2010
  • Profiles major companies involved in this business and their market shares.


Information was gathered using both primary and secondary sources. Background information was brought together from a multitude of secondary sources, and complementary and supplementary information was developed with telephone interviews.

Specific analysis includes value chain assessment, strategic positioning maps and life cycle evaluations of both markets and technologies. Technical and regulatory analysis yielded valuable information that facilitated the understanding of the direction and magnitude of market demand for various product segments. The key elements impacting market demand were determined so that specific demand forecasts could be developed for each product.

As might be expected, the diversity of materials used in research applications is far greater than that of commercial areas. This makes forecasting for the segment particularly difficult. However, we have identified the larger volume items and discussed them at length. Market demand forecasts (unit volume and dollar values), are developed for each of the larger volume reagents, and the total demand is determined. Major factors impacting the label/linker supply and demand are discussed. We have examined government regulations, technology developments, patents and international trade. European and Japanese suppliers and markets are also discussed and trade figures are provided.

Finally, we arrived at conclusions to facilitate the formation of specific plans of action by industry participants. Although the study is not geared toward any particular supplier, the analysis and conclusions are detailed in a manner that each will find valuable.


The study has been carried out by a team of chemical engineering consultants led by Senior Consultant Mr. N. S. Venkataraman, a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience in various functions relating to chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. Other team members include D. Panneerselvam, Mr. T. K. Parija, Ms. P. Govindanayagi and Ms. K. Geetha. All the members of the team are practicing chemical engineers or chemists with extensive experience as business consultants in the chemical and allied industries.

The project manager for this study was Dr. Yatin B. Thakore, with over 15 years of industry experience in chemical and allied fields.

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