Biomaterials from Marine Sources

Published - Feb 2003| Analyst - Andrew McWilliams| Code - BIO046B
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Report Highlights

  • The global market for marine biotechnology products and processes is estimated at $2.4 billion in 2002, a 9.4% increase from 2001.
  • The non-U.S. market for marine biotechnology applications in 2002 is estimated at more than $1.6 billion, or roughly twice the size of the U.S. market.
  • The non-U.S. market is projected to rise over the next five years at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 6.4%.
  • This is faster than the U.S. market with an AAGR of 4.7% and will exceed $2.2 billion in 2007.
  • The U.S. marine biotechnology market is projected to surpass $1 billion by 2007.


Marine biotechnology is a relatively new field that involves the discovery and application of products and processes derived from marine organisms. Its promising future reflects the tremendous biodiversity of the world's oceans and seas that cover more than three-quarters of the earth's surface.

Most major groups of living organisms primarily or exclusively are marine, and the demands of their environment have led these organisms to evolve unique structures, metabolic pathways, reproductive systems and sensory and defense mechanisms. Many of these same properties have important potential applications in the terrestrial world. For example, research into the ways that marine organisms adhere to wet surfaces, or prevent other organisms from adhering to them, is yielding useful new technologies. These include both adhesion inhibitors (e.g., antifouling coatings for ship hulls) and new types of adhesives such as medical "glues" for joining tissue or promoting cell attachment in tissue engineering applications.

Since BCC first approached the subject 10 years ago, to our knowledge there has been no broad-based quantitative analysis that focused specifically on the marine biotechnology industry. This unique study provides the reader with an understanding of the commercial potential associated with the biodiversity that exists in the marine environment. It is coupled with an overall, quantitative view of the emerging U.S. marine biotechnology industry and potential domestic and international markets for U.S. marine biotechnology-related products and services.

This analysis is tailored especially for decision makers in biotechnology marketing, strategic planning, development, management and public policy.


This report describes the U.S. marine biotechnology industry and the emerging market for marine biotechnology products and services. Specific topics covered include:

  • Major types and applications of marine biotechnology
  • Industry structure
  • Market size and segmentation, including historical data on sales by product/service and enduser segment
  • Market drivers
  • Detailed market projections through 2007
  • User requirements and success factors
  • Competition and market shares
  • Observations and conclusions regarding the future of the marine biotechnology industry.


The author of this study, Andrew McWilliams, is a partner in the Boston-based international technology and software consulting firm of 43rd Parallel LLC. He has over 25 years experience in market forecasting and strategy consulting, particularly in technology-intensive industries such as software and e-business.

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