Alternative Fuels Advisor 2008 Industry Review

Published - Jan 2009| Analyst - Review | Code - EGY059B
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  • World crude oil prices are expected to recover from a near-term decline and rise slowly to about $130 per barrel by 2030.  This is an economic driver for alternative fuels that is almost equal to the economic and legislative drivers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and especially carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Non-fossil energy use in the U.S is growing rapidly, but fossil fuel will still be providing 79% of the U.S. total energy in 2030. However, net dependence of the U.S. on imported fossil fuel liquids will decline over the next 20 years.
  • Biofuels will continue to make substantial gains and the consumption for the transportation segment will hold steady at about 22 million barrels per day from 2008 to 2030. The real changes are that mild and full hybrid vehicle systems will dominate all the new light-duty vehicles sales in the U.S. by 2030.


The 2008 Alternative Fuels Advisor Review is a compilation of articles by topical section that appeared in the 2008 bi-monthly issues of AltFuels Advisor. AltFuels Advisor provides industry news and technical developments on information and business opportunities related to renewable fuels, biofuels, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and other forms of alternative energy. This review provides a summary of the news trends and events in 2008 driving the development, production and use of alternative fuels for all types of vehicles and supplies of energy. This BCC Research report offers a comprehensive picture of trends in the global alternative fuels industry by reviewing the advancements in the field during 2008. In addition to renewable fuels such as ethanol, biofuel, propane, natural gas and hydrogen, this review also covers electricity generated from wind, solar, ocean and geothermal technologies. Administrative issues that shape the industry also are examined, including government regulatory and legislative trends, the fluctuations of oil pricing, and societal concerns surrounding climate change. This review includes advancements in research and development, industry growth projections, key market drivers and technological challenges for each of the alternative fuels discussed.


The scope of this report is broad and includes:

  • An in-depth assessment of the role of renewable energy in the U.S. energy supply
  • Detailed discussion of renewable transportation fuels and issues facing the transportation segment
  • Analysis of technologies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recent commercial developments shaping activity within the industry
  • Overviews of all editions of AltFuels Advisor published in 2008.

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Published - Apr-2008| Analyst - Richard Hilton| Code - EGY059A

Report Highlights


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