Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration & Downhole Technologies

Published - Nov 2007| Analyst - Edward Gobina| Code - EGY043A
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Report Highlights

  • Global spending on advanced exploration and new downhole techniques will reach $223.183 billion/year in 2012 or 6.4% of the total global oil and gas market in 2012.
  • The increase in spending falls short of the $450 billion in investments that are needed annually on advanced exploration and new downhole techniques over the next quarter century to prevent shortages of oil or natural gas.
  • The use of advanced exploration and new downhole technologies will contribute significantly in reducing the dependence on the volatile Middle East because the technologies increase the supplies of liquids that are not under the control of OPEC.


This BCC Research market research report examines advanced exploration and downhole techniques for the extraction and production of both conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas resources. Presented is an assessment of the role of advanced exploration and downhole techniques as an enabling technology for meeting increasing demand for crude oil and natural gas. Global demand by type of product, application, exploration, and new downhole technology is also quantified. Relationships between major consumers and producers are then analyzed. Advanced exploration and new downhole techniques are evaluated and quantified by region and type of product from an international perspective.


This report contains:


  • An overview of the advanced exploration and new dowhole technology industry
  • Discussion of government environmental/energy regulations as it applies to natural gas and the environment
  • Analysis of the structure of the industry and competitive aspects including the driving forces of the industry
  • Quantification of advanced exploration and downhole techniques type of technology application including the various products with forecasts to 2012.
  • Analysis of conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas resources, with forecasts for exploration and extraction technology products through 2012
  • In-depth quantification of advanced exploration and downhole expendititures by region/country including trade data with forecasts to 2012.
  • Company profiles of more than 100 companies with advanced exploration and new downhole technology for oil and natural gas production.



Both historic and current data have been used in the oil and natural gas demand analysis. Results of the calculations are therefore based on three components: a historic analysis of the demand in the period 2004-2006, estimated data for 2007, and forecasted demand for the period through 2012.


Information sources include trade data (national and international), company publicity literature, conference reports, world trade technical journals, and interviews with company representatives.


Edward Gobina is a Full U.K. Professor of Chemical and Processing Engineering and has over 25 years research and teaching experience in catalysis, environmental engineering, petrochemical reaction engineering, and membrane reactor technology. He has been published extensively, with over 100 relevant publications in international scientific journals. In addition, he has been a project analyst for over 10 years and has authored over 20 BCC Research reports covering the entire energy infrastructure chain from LNG, gas sensors, hydrogen, and industrial gases to oil and natural gas exploitation and production. He is also the author of four major patents on membrane-related technologies relating to chemical energy, sensor/monitoring instruments and oil and gas industries. Professor Gobina is a member of the European Membrane Society (EMS), the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) and the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). He is the current director of the Centre for Process Integration and Membrane Technology (CPIMT) within the School of Engineering at the Robert Gordon University in the U.K.

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