Battery and EV Industry Review

Published - Aug 2005| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB001F
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Batteries are now one of the most ubiquitous products on the planet with more than 70-billion produced every year with a value in excess of $38 billion. The race to produce more powerful longer lasting batteries is an on-going effort involving corporate giants and small start-up companies. For example:


  • The portable electronic device market alone is worth hundreds of billions.
  • Multi-billion dollars industries rely on batteries to manage power.
  • Microbatteries integrated into microchips or even the structure of materials could quickly become a multibillion dollar market.
  • Electric hybrid vehicles have demonstrated the ability to get 50 to 60 miles per gallon using a combination of batteries and small internal combustion engines. In the U.S., the market for hybrid vehicles has been growing at an annual rate of 80%.
  • The battery electric vehicle has found a myriad of uses, from delivery vans to commuter cars, urban buses to utility vehicles. More than a million are on the road in Asia.


Each year brings a new crop of battery powered devices. Mundane maybe, but they have become a necessity in every day life. When you power up your laptop computer, use a portable power tool, look at your wrist watch, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, follow lighted signs to emergency exits during power outages, start your car or listen to a favorite CD, you depend on a battery.

This anthology is based on BCC, Inc.'s monthly newsletter Battery & EV Technology, which covers the full range of this rapidly evolving technology-from the tiny cells that power watches to giant batteries for utility load leveling. It keeps battery makers and users, electric vehicle developers, and industry watchers current on trends in materials, technology, systems, and concepts. Not surprisingly, battery technology will be one of the most significant growth areas for the next decade. From giant utility load leveling batteries to the cells that power heart pacemakers, developments are making batteries one of the most exciting technologies for investors.

In addition this compilation also covers the following:



  • Primary and secondary battery
  • Load leveling batteries
  • Structural batteries
  • Environmental issues
  • Market and industry news
  • Government and industry R&D
  • The EV market
  • Foreign competition
  • Advanced and novel batteries
  • Microbatteries
  • Recent patents
  • Emerging markets.
  • ...and much, much more.


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Published - Mar-2004| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB001E

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