Battery and EV Industry Review 2005

Published - Aug 2006| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB001G
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The recent energy crisis and steadily rising oil prices have changed the many perceptions about energy conservation. Oil can be found in almost any application: vehicles, power supplies, and home heating are just a few of the applications that can require oil. With general concern mounting, more and more people find themselves turning to new and alternative energy sources.

The market for energy is ever-present, and its demand is even greater in the 21st century. As technology improves, we are not only able to increase energy output, but also reduce the amount used over time. While oil and gasoline will be staples of the industry for many years to come, new technologies are breaking into the market that could change the future of the industry.

Based on the monthly newsletter Battery & EV Technology, this anthology informs the reader about the growing fields and markets for energy. This review reports the news on alkaline consumers, chargers, exotic and novel energy storage, lithium, nano- and micro-scale products, thin films, ultra-capacitors, and uninterruptible power supplies.

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Published - Aug-2005| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB001F

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Published - Mar-2004| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB001E

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