Fuel Cell Industry Review 2005

Published - Aug 2006| Analyst - Julia Dvorko| Code - FCB007G
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In the 1950s, fuel cells were hailed as the next step in the production energy. A few proved themselves in space, others in utility demonstration projects but the technology never really took off until now.

Because these electrochemical devices convert fuels such as hydrogen and methanol directly into electrical energy without combustion they create virtually no pollution. So they do not add carbon dioxide and other so-called "Greenhouse Gases" to the atmosphere. Moreover, new developments in catalysts and improved reliability have made them viable candidates in a board range of energy applications.

No doubt about it, within the next decade, fuel cells will be providing energy for cars and trucks, producing electricity for utilities, and heating and cooling homes and businesses. They may even replace the expensive batteries in personal computers with power sources that can run for almost a year on a teaspoonful of alcohol.

The advent of the fuel cell will transform the energy industry. Already, some companies that have become leaders in fuel cell development over the long haul are very hot stocks on Wall Street. From major automakers to huge utilities, planners are already integrating the fuel cell into their long-range strategies. Some market analysts predict that fuel cells will become a billion dollar market in the next decade.

This anthology is based on BCC's monthly newsletter Fuel Cell Technology News which keeps the readers abreast of the latest news in fuel cell development and manufacturing. It reports on the latest news on the major types of fuel cells (alkaline, direct methanol, phosphoric acid, solid oxide, and micro fuel cells), tracks new applications industry by industry, and follows the major players. In addition, it provides information on:


  • Business Opportunities
  • Industry News
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Regulations
  • Transportation Developments
  • Technology Insights
  • Catalysts and Reformers
  • Utility Applications
  • Energy Policy


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Published - May-2005| Analyst - Review | Code - FCB007F

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