Protein Chips: Where To?

Published - Jun 2003| Analyst - Ruth Scolnick| Code - HLC033A
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Report Highlights

  • By 2007, the total revenues of protein array technologies will approach $336 million.
  • The overall average annual growth rate (AAGR) will be 30%.
  • Antibody arrays will see the fastest growth with an AAGR of 32%.
  • By far, the most revenues will be seen by protein biochip technology.


The symbiosis between proteomics and protein array technology creates the field of array-based proteomics. Proteomic research involves the characterization of proteins, including interactions and functions within a cell or organism. The estimated 30,000 genes of the human genome are expected to produce more than a million different proteins. Research indicates that species diversity between yeast, fly, worm and man is based on encoded proteins, not gene number.

The increased number of potential proteins from the known number of gene sequences, and the subsequent characterization of new proteins, creates a significant demand for improved protein profiling techniques that can meet the highthroughput demands of efficiently investigating many proteins. Although the development of all protein profiling techniques is important, protein arrays are considered crucial for being able to simultaneously characterize multiple proteins and interactions between proteins. Array-based proteomics also will be important for molecular diagnostics and therapeutics.

This important study examines protein array technologies, a burgeoning field. It looks at what is available now (antibody array, peptide biochip, protein biochip and solution bead/particle array) and what is being developed. The report also predicts how these technologies are likely to grow in the next five years. An important part of the report analyzes patents and other trends that are vital to the success of these new technologies. Forecasts through 2007 are included. This is a dynamic and fast developing field. The four protein array sectors represent different stages in technology evolution and technology format. There is a range of protein array technology offerings that include services, do-it-yourself building, custom building and prebuilt arrays. Because each array technology and/or service is unique, there are many players developing the different approaches. This report is invaluable, therefore, to CEOs, developers and marketers in each industry segment, as well as those in companies considering investing in drug discovery or drug discovery technology.


This report includes:

  • An overview of the market and a discussion of relevant scientific principles
  • Analysis of government regulations
  • Current and future market trends, with fiveyear forecasts
  • Importance of each new research method to the overall market
  • Analysis of patents and their importance to the industry
  • R&D in current and new protein array technologies
  • Company directory.


The material for this report was gathered from interviews with individuals in the industry, as well as a thorough review of technology gathered from secondary sources. These sources include company annual, 10K, and 10Q reports, company literature, trade literature, trade associations, and online sources.

Projections were based on such estimates as the current number of end users, funding levels, potential end users, likely unit prices, and rates of consumption. Final projections are based on the analysis of information from primary and secondary sources. All dollar projections are presented in year 2002 constant dollars.


Laura Ruth has an advanced degree and training in biological chemistry and medical genetics. The analyst has extensive experience in laboratory research, as well as science and technology journalism and market research. Studies previously published are in the areas of DNA diagnostics, immunoassays, and drugs of abuse monitoring technologies.

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