Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Market

Published - Jun 2003| Analyst - Andrew McWilliams| Code - HLC036A
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Report Highlights

  • U.S. MRCAS market will grow at more than 22% annually on average reaching $673 million by 2007.
  • Surgical robots are the fastest-growing U.S market segment.
  • Sales of surgical robots should reach $220 million in 2007.
  • Endoscopic surgical applications are the fastest-growing application segment.


Medical robotics and computer assisted surgery (MRCAS) is used in a growing number of operating rooms around the world, largely as a result of the popularity of minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques. MIS uses special instruments that can be inserted and manipulated through small incisions (sometimes no more than a few millimeters long) under remote optical or video guidance, greatly reducing patient trauma and recovery times. The need to perform delicate surgical procedures, safely, in tight spaces where the surgeon cannot see directly, has created a growing market for devices that act as extensions of the surgeon's eyes and hands: remote imaging, data processing and feedback and robotics. This market already is estimated at more than half a billion dollars annually, and is growing faster than the overall surgical equipment market.

Because the use of these products is increasing so rapidly, there is a pressing need to develop up-to-date information, to better understand the dynamics of the market for MRCAS devices and equipment. Most of the available studies of the surgical robotics market either treat robotics as part of the broader market for minimally invasive surgical equipment and/or are four or more years old. Meanwhile, MRCAS technology has been evolving, as have the medical and economic environments in which it is used. Populations are aging and increasing the demand for a wide range of age-related surgical procedures such as heart and orthopedic surgery. And technological advances have expanded the range of surgical procedures that can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, making them accessible to even more people.

BCC's study analyzes U.S. and global markets for MRCAS equipment in light of the most recent available information. In addition to looking at current and future markets for these devices, the study analyzes technological, economic and regulatory developments that may have a long-term impact on the size and structure of the MRCAS market. It also provides an analysis of the market for MRCAS by type of surgical procedure, device and region. The future of MRCAS equipment also will be discussed, with forecasts for consumption of specific products.


The report is organized around the following topics:

  • Major types and applications of MRCAS
  • Industry structure competition and market shares
  • Market size and segmentation by application, product type and region
  • Market drivers
  • Detailed market projections through 2007
  • Observations and conclusions regarding the future of the MRCAS market.


The findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from manufacturers and users of MRCAS and other informed sources. Interview data was combined with information gathered through an extensive review of secondary sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and on-line databases to produce the baseline market estimates contained in this report.

At the time this report was prepared, year-end data for 2002 was not yet available. Market estimates for 2002 were developed using interim (partial) data for 2002 where available, combined with historical data for the years 1999 to 2001. Wherever possible, historical data through the end of 2001 was used as the basis for analysis and projections. However, for certain market segments, specific data beyond 2000 was incomplete or unavailable at the time this report was prepared. In these cases, year 2000 data was used and documented accordingly.

The market projections are based on a combination of a consensus among the primary contacts combined with our understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are described in detail in the section on Detailed Market Projections.

All dollar projections presented in this report are in 2002 constant dollars.


The author of this report is Andrew McWilliams. Mr. McWilliams, a partner in the Boston-based international technology and marketing consulting firm of 43rd Parallel LLC, is the author of several other Communications Company studies of the healthcare industry, including the forthcoming study C-140N, Trends in the Noninvasive and Minimally Invasive Medical Device Market.

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