The Global Catheters Market

Published - Aug 2009| Analyst - Peggy Lehr| Code - HLC019D
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Report Highlights

  • The global catheter market amounted to $14.5 billion in 2008, and was projected to increase to nearly $18 billion in 2009. It is expected to reach $32.1 billion in 2014, for a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3%.
  • The market’s cardiovascular segment is the largest with sales of $6 billion in 2008. That is projected to increase to $7.1 billion in 2009, and to rise at a CAGR of 10.2% to $11.6 billion in 2014.
  • The second-largest segment is urology, with revenue of $4.4 billion in 2008, which is expected to reach nearly $6 billion in 2009, and increase to $13.2 billion in 2014, for the highest CAGR among all segments at 17.1%.


BCC Research’s goal in conducting this study was to determine the present status of the worldwide catheter market and to evaluate its potential over the 5-year period from 2009 to 2014. An assessment of the worldwide catheter market was performed while considering all of its important segments, such as cardiovascular, urological, neurovascular, intravenous, and specialty catheters. 
Catheterization procedures have steadily increased as interventional and less-invasive procedures have become more popular. Catheters are vital to the completion of many procedures, and some procedures or interventions, particularly in cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery, could not be done without the use of catheters. In conducting this study, BCC was interested in determining the areas of catheter applications poised for growth and the reasons for their growth. New products and their future impact on the market were also assessed.
BCC studied the current catheter market, anticipated market trends, and then projected total and sectional market revenues through 2014. The report includes technological descriptions, issues, applications, market factors, and market metrics.
The scope of this study encompasses the five major application segments of the catheter market. BCC Research analyzes each type of catheter segment, determines its current market status, examines its impact on future markets, and presents growth forecasts over the next 5 years. Catheter material analysis, regulatory issues, and the latest technological trends are also covered. Other influential factors such as patents and company profiles are discussed.
Both primary and secondary research methodologies were used in this study.
BCC Research presents an analysis of each segment of the catheters industry depending on its application, using a base year of 2008. Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ net revenues.
This study will be of interest to catheter and device manufacturers, catheter material manufacturers, and venture capitalists and financial institutions involved in the healthcare industry.
Major sources of primary research information include information from industry personnel. Secondary research sources include industry association and company press releases, company Web sites, financial and trade information, and government sources.
Peggy S Lehr is the BCC Research analyst of this report. Ms. Lehr has worked with the publishing arms of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and she specializes in marketing reports on the medical industry. Previous reports for BCC include Medical Diagnostic Kits, Organ and Tissue Transplantation, Trends in Pediatric Care, and Trends in Eldercare.
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The information developed in this report is intended to be as reliable as possible at the time of publication and of a professional nature. This information does not constitute managerial, legal, or accounting advice; nor should it serve as a corporate policy guide, laboratory manual, or an endorsement of any product, as much of the information is of a speculative nature. The author assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that might result from reliance on the reported information or from its use.

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Published - Aug-2007| Analyst - Alpita Shah| Code - HLC019C

Report Highlights

  • The global catheter market is estimated at $13.0 billion for 2007 and forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% to reach $19.4 billion by 2012.
  • Urologic catheters and diagnostic cardiovascular catheters especially will drive growth within the catheter market.
  • Growth potential in the neurovascular market is strong and waiting to be explored. This market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period to reach $2.2 billion by 2012.
Published - Sep-2004| Analyst - Barbara Breindel| Code - HLC019B

Report Highlights

  • Fueled by stent revenues, U.S. catheter market sales were forecast to exceed $13.1 billion in 2003. Rising at an AAGR (average annual growthrate) of 12.3%, the market is expected to exceed $23 billion in 2009.
  • Coronary catheter applications should pass $8.2 billion in 2009 with 64% of the projected revenue expected from the sale of drug-elutingstents.
  • Approximately 50% of U.S. catheter production is exported. Roughly 50% of exports go to Europe and 30% go to Japan.
  • Approximately 50% of U.S. catheter production is exported. Roughly 50% of exports go to Europe and 30% go to Japan.
  • U.S. companies received more than 63% of recently granted patents.


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