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Published - Jul 2004| Analyst - Review | Code - IFT001E
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This publication is designed to keep you ahead of the trends. Whether you are in marketing, corporate planning, or investing, you need to stay abreast of important shifts in the marketplace. This publication gives its readers immediate insights into fast breaking changes that can spell profits or opportunities for growth in a broad range of industries.

As you well know, markets come and go, entire industries grow and die. Regulations create new demands, consumer tastes change inexplicably, new technology replaces old. For some companies, red ink suddenly replaces black. Others, who know that change spells new opportunities, move into new es and reap huge profits.

Whether it's the prospects for CFC replacements or foreign opportunities in telecommunications, growth of carbon fibers or fish farming, we give you the picture. From fat-free foods to fuel cells, we spot the shifts that are key to intelligence. Every item provides an overview, tracks the trend, and projects it over the next 5 to 10 years. We start with the general economic picture and go to the specific.

Communications Company, (BCC) Inc.'s team of technical marketing analysts will give you data in a format you can use. Because BCC tracks the developments in hundreds of industry categories, it collects key marketing trends from a multitude of sources, both in the U.S. and abroad.

We know you do not have the time in your busy schedule to wade through thousands of pages of data. Rely on this publication to give you the information you need to make strategic decisions in a collection of clear, concise and short items. Some items are accompanied by a valuable table or figure that shows the history and projects the future.

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Published - Aug-2003| Analyst - Review | Code - IFT001D

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