Power Supply and Power Management for Electronics - Semiconductor Devices and Software

Published - Dec 2005| Analyst - Evalueserve | Code - IFT055A
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Report Highlights

  • The worldwide market for power supply and management for electronics—software and semiconductors—is estimated at $27.54 billion in 2005. It is expected to rise at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 9.6%, to reach $43.64 billion by 2010.
  • The market is thoroughly dominated by semiconductors, estimated at $27.5 billion in 2005 and also rising at the 9.6% rate.
  • Currently, the software market is very small, but is expected to expand strongly at an AAGR of 31.6% to reach $130.5 million by 2010, due to the need for efficient power.
  • Growth is being driven by a strong demand for power supply and use management ICs, as well as voltage regulators and power transistors used in numerous electronic applications.
  • Other drivers include growth in consumer electronics and an increase in the use of electronics in automotives and telecommunications.


In this age of electronics, users demand equipment that requires minimal human intervention and efficiently manage power. This leads to an increase in demands for power supply and management semiconductor devices and power management software embedded in this equipment. Also, consumers want devices capable of multitasking, thereby involving heightened research activities to bring about new innovations in the technology behind these devices. As a result, global supply chains have pushed the demand for devices that facilitate efficient power management and possess the multitasking capabilities required to satisfy ever-changing consumer demands.

This BCC report determines the current status of the worldwide power supply and management semiconductor industry, and assesses its growth potential through 2010. The study focuses on the key power supply and management semiconductor devices and power management software in use, and their growth potential. It also explores applications in various industry verticals, and upcoming applications that could give a boost to the industry.

The document presents a comprehensive analysis of the power supply and management semiconductor market and its current and expected directions, in light of maturing markets and industry- wide efforts to have more open standards.


The report contains:

  • Descriptions of the major types of power supply and management semiconductor devices
  • Analysis of each device and its impact on future markets worldwide
  • Estimates of current market size, with forecasts through 2010
  • Coverage of the major vertical markets, along with various applications and subproducts in each vertical
  • Discussion of major technological issues, including the latest industry trends
  • Coverage of related issues, such as the regulatory environment and value chain.


BCC presents an analysis of the power supply and management semiconductor market by estimating the revenue generated by each of the constituent devices, as well as power management software, in 2004. Based on a survey of industry experts and companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of different semiconductor devices and software, the study has analyzed and estimated the growth prospects of the industry; the revenue figures for the period 2005 through 2010 have been estimated on the basis of this analysis.

Each power supply and management semiconductor device currently in use has been analyzed separately to arrive at estimates for the power supply and management semiconductor industry as a whole. The industry has been evaluated on the basis of the devices in use, and also by the applications that use these devices, to present a complete picture.


BCC surveyed approximately 25 companies to obtain data for this study; manufacturers of power supply and management devices, OEMs, and some distributors were also included. Interviews and discussions with industry experts helped develop a comprehensive understanding of the power supply and management semiconductor market and to formulate market estimates. Data from company financials, industry associations, and government sources were also used and analyzed.

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