Air Pollution and the Market for Monitors and Sensors

Published - Feb 2003| Analyst - Kieran Lindsey| Code - IAS001F
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Report Highlights

  • Air monitoring equipment sales for the U.S. in 2001 totaled $973.9 million.
  • Over the next five years, government spending is expected to increase at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 8.6%.
  • The industrial sector is expected to grow at a somewhat more robust 11.8% AAGR through 2007.
  • The aftermarket parts and supplies sector, including repair and maintenance services, is anticipated to grow at 8.4% AAGR during the same period.
  • Mass spectrometers, electrochemical and physical analysis instruments totaled $179 million in 2001 with a projected AAGR of more than 17% through 2007.



This report is intended to give the person involved in purchasing, designing, evaluating, or marketing air monitoring equipment comprehensive information on the current state of the market for this equipment. It also serves as a primary source of information for any person considering entering this market.

This report also provides a summary of current regulations for anyone interested in the status of air pollution abatement.


There is a growing concern surrounding the correlation between air quality and quality of life and, as a result, many local, national and global forces are involved in air pollution control in the United States. Air pollution has been linked to a number of health problems, particularly in members of sensitive populations, such as the elderly, the very young and people already suffering from illnesses such as asthma. In addition, there continues to be concern over secondary effects such as crop damage, damage to buildings and global warming.

These issues, coupled with the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and 1997, represent an opportunity for es to profitably participate in the ongoing efforts to clean up the environment. This report is intended to assist in evaluating the air monitoring equipment portion of that market.

Local, state, and federal governments, as well as industry, now use air pollution monitors for a variety of reasons. Monitors are used to demonstrate compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and to obtain state-granted permits for new facilities. Industries use them to locate process leaks and to identify affected areas. In addition, they are used to meet company safety regulations.


This report evaluates technology and the market for environmental air pollution monitoring equipment in the United States, services, and supplies related to that equipment, and export of the equipment. The term market covers equipment used for sampling air and measuring the level of pollutants. The following factors are assessed in the evaluation of this market:

  • current and future status of government regulations
  • current emission levels
  • established methods for measurement of pollutants
  • value of monitoring equipment
  • projected market needs to 2006

The focus of this report is on national trends in air pollution with local information supplied where appropriate. The value of the market for ambient, continuous emission and point-source (stack) monitors is examined.

Equipment for mobile sources, industrial hygiene, localized environments, and indoor air quality are not included in this study.


State and federal government agencies and manufacturers of air monitors and samplers have been contacted to determine the impact of new legislation, environmental concerns, and current concern about air pollution on the air monitor market.

Product literature, periodical reviews, government documents, and publications provided additional information. Unless otherwise specified, BCC Research is the author of all estimates.

All references to dollar values will be for the year that the information was gathered unless otherwise noted. All future projections are given in constant 1998 dollars; historical data is in dollars for that year. Projections are a summation of market forces, technology and regulatory factors.

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