Membrane and Separations Industry Review

Published - May 2005| Code - MST005F| Analyst - Review

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The flamboyant years of high growth rates have past. The industry continues to consolidate and technology advances become more selective and sophisticated. Now more than ever, industry participants must be kept aware of the latest industry and research developments to remain competitive. Actually as applications evolve the technology needs to become more precise.

The reach of advanced membranes now extends from the food/beverage and drug production and testing markets to the CPI, pollution, water purification, textile, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing and fuel cell markets. Enthusiasm for membrane applications and research still abounds, with prospects for continued profitability for astute producers and users alike. The review explores, analyzes and reports on the science, technology and of:


  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Gas Separation
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Pervaporation
  • Electrodialysis


Commercial applications in these many diverse industries are explored in light of membrane technology's cost-effective, energy-efficient properties, selective transfer properties in large scale huge volumes and very small scale applications.

In addition, this anthology, which is based on the monthly newsletter Membrane & Separation Technology News reports on the latest news of legislative and regulatory activities, key patents, industry developments, licenses and technology transfer offerings.

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Full Report: Membrane and Separations Industry Review 364 $475 Free
Chapter- 1: INTRODUCTION1Free
Chapter- 2: COMMENTARY14$250Free
Chapter- 4: ELECTROCHEMICAL16$21Free
Chapter- 5: EQUIPMENT5$7Free
Chapter- 6: GAS SEPARATION16$21Free
Chapter- 8: INDUSTRY INSIGHT59$77Free
Chapter- 9: INDUSTRY NEWS96$125Free
Chapter- 10: MATERIALS10$13Free
Chapter- 12: MEMBRANE SENSORS8$10Free
Chapter- 13: MICROARRAYS5$7Free
Chapter- 14: MICROFILTRATION21$27Free
Chapter- 15: MODELING/SOFTWARE4$5Free
Chapter- 16: MONITORING/TESTING3$4Free
Chapter- 17: NANOFILTRATION4$5Free
Chapter- 18: NON-SEPARATING4$5Free
Chapter- 19: PERVAPORATION5$7Free
Chapter- 20: PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL7$9Free
Chapter- 21: REVERSE OSMOSIS20$26Free
Chapter- 22: ULTRAFILTRATION17$22Free
Chapter- 23: WASTEWATER7$9Free
Published - Apr-2004| Analyst - Review | Code - MST005E

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