Electronic Waste Recovery Business

Published - Sep 2005| Analyst - Catherine LaCoursiere| Code - MST037A
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Report Highlights

  • The worldwide market for electronic waste will rise at an AAGR (average annual growth rate) of 8.3% from $11.5 billion in 2004 to $17.1 billion in 2009.
  • The recycled plastics sector will register the highest revenue growth, 9.1%, as demand increases for high-value, engineered plastics.
  • Growth in metals mined from end-of-life electronic waste will continue to outpace the broader recycled metals market, growing at an AAGR of 8.1%.
  • The market for recycled glass continues to be stagnant with low value attached to recycled glass.
  • Market demand is strong and growing for recovered cathode ray tube feedstock reused in new CRTs.


  • A thorough discussion of technological issues including the latest trends
  • A review of influential factors such as research and development, funding and deployment limitations
  • Analysis of the markets for E-waste materials including plastics, metals and glass by market share and recycling methodologies
  • Revenue growth forecasts through 2009 by application, including computers, peripherals, displays, network equipment, office equipment, entertainment systems, communications equipment and medical devices
  • Market analysis by region: North America, Europe, Asia and other international markets
  • A patent analysis tracking current and emerging research and development trends
  • A detailed discussion of global regulatory developments
  • Profiles of companies in the global electronic waste industry.


Forecasts are based on current industry data, SEC filings, government databases, inputs from industry experts, and standard technology forecasting methodologies. Information sources include extensive interviews with key players in the telecommunications markets, market and scientific researchers, academicians, and leading stakeholders in emerging standards and industry organizations. In addition, trade magazines and industry reports were consulted.


Catherine Lacoursiere is a journalist and research analyst who follows the energy, environmental and optical communications technology markets. She has reported on financial and technology markets for leading trade publications of the McGraw-Hill Companies, the Economist Group and Risk Publications from New York and Silicon Valley. Ms. Lacoursiere has authored research reports on optical components, energy and environmental technology.

Electronic waste (E-waste) is a term globally used to categorize electronic equipment that has reached end-of-life (EOL) for its current user. Such devices or equipment generally are considered toxic when disassembled or incinerated and typically are targeted for hazardous disposal or slated for recovery and reuse. Recent technological advancements provide manufacturers with less toxic material choices and more cost-effective ways to recover electronic circuitry and associated equipment. As a result, an E-waste industry is emerging with markets that must be assessed for growth potential.

This timely BCC study forecasts future global markets for recovery, reuse and disposal technologies in the E-waste industry. The material composition of electric and electronic equipment and components will change dramatically over the next five years as global regulatory trends compel manufacturers to migrate to nontoxic materials and manage the lifecycle of those materials from ‘cradle-to-grave.’

This report analyzes and forecasts the resultant technological shifts, including the use of higher value and less toxic materials, such as engineered plastics and lead substitutes, and more efficient recycling technology. Specifically, the report provides market growth forecasts over a five-year period through 2009. Key objectives are to identify growth in current and new materials and recycling technologies, assess market values and provide a comprehensive analysis of related technology development.

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