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55 Reports in Water-Membrane and Separations

Membrane Technology for Liquid and Gas Separations

Published - Aug 2010 | Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - MST041E

An in-depth analysis of the market for membrane technology across a range of filtration types and applications. Covered technologies include reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, electrochemical processes, gas separation, pervaporation, and two novel processes.

Controlled-Release Technologies: Established and Emerging Markets

Published - Jul 2010 | Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - MST027H

This BCC Research report examines the continuing evolution of the use of controlled-release technology in nonmedical applications. Our key objective is to present a comprehensive analysis of the nearly $1 billion global market for controlled-release barrier materials through 2015.

Electronic Waste Recovery: Global Markets

Published - Jun 2010 | Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - MST037B

This study examines the worldwide demand for electronic recycling, its markets, and growth opportunities. Includes forecasts for the global markets for Electronic Waste Recovery through 2014

Ultrafiltration Membranes: Technologies and the U.S. Market

Published - May 2010 | Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - MST044C

This provides an in-depth analysis of the technical and market drivers relating to the U.S. market for ultrafiltration (UF) membrane products, evaluating the current worth of UF modules, cassettes, dialyzers, and other devices by application. Includes forecasts through 2015

The Global Market for Membrane Microfiltration

Published - Apr 2010 | Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - MST028D

This report examines the market for Membrane Microfiltration products as reflected by the major applications of the technology: food and beverage processing, biopharmaceuticals manufacture, potable water production, wastewater treatment, industrial processes, and semiconductor fabrication. Five-year projections (through 2014) are provided for market activity and value

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1 Upcoming Reports in Water-Membrane and Separations

Novel Water Sustainability Technologies: Key Projects and Opportunities, Financing, and Venture Capital, Transactions and Trends

Target Date - Oct 2019| Publisher - BCC Publishing | Code - MST074A| Price - $5,500

This report provides an overview of key market structures in the global market for novel water sustainability technologies along with assessment of factors that impact the market.

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