The Worldwide Market for Prophylactic and Therapeutic Vaccines

Published - Sep 2001| Analyst - Lynn Gray| Code - PHM014B
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Report Highlights

  • The total worldwide market for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines is estimated to be $5.8 billion in 2001.
  • Growing at an average annual rate (AAGR) of 11.6%, this market is expected to approach $10 billion in 2006.
  • Pediatric prophylactic vaccines make up 58% of the current market, but will show the slowest growth, at an AAGR of 8.7% through 2006.
  • Adult prophylactic vaccines are the second largest group with sales of nearly $2.4 billion in 2001 and are expected to rise at an AAGR of 10.1% to more than $3.8 billion in 2006.
  • Therapeutic vaccines will feature growth of more than 100% on average per year through the period, but by 2006 will still make up only 10.5% of the market.



This study provides a comprehensive analysis of available and emerging prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. Its aim is to provide a range of information¾from detailed product analyses through industry trends¾to quantify and qualify the market for vaccines. Forecasts of product categories are provided for the worldwide market. Forecasts and trends are gleaned from industry sources as well as from considered assessment of available and emerging technologies.


New developments in vaccine technology that have emerged over the past decade have transformed this relatively lackluster, price-competitive market sector into a technology-driven industry characterized by increasing annual growth rates that approached 10% during the late 1990s. Market growth has been spurred by the introduction of recombinant vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and Hemophilus influenzae. One of the most important market drivers is the introduction of combination pediatric vaccines, which will continue to contribute substantially to market growth throughout the forecast period.

Prophylactic vaccines for children and adults have been the mainstay of this market and although dramatic innovations in these preventive products are not anticipated, this category will enjoy continued double-digit annual growth due to expanding global vaccine coverage. Also contributing to market growth are emerging advances in new adjuvants, new vectors, noninjectable vaccines for oral and mucosal application, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) vaccines and genetic approaches. A tidal wave of growth in the vaccines market is expected with the introduction of therapeutic vaccines currently in development to treat acquired-immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), cancer and other major diseases. DNA- and protein-based therapeutic vaccines show tremendous promise in treating viral infections, and vaccines that boost the immune response to cancerous cells will add a powerful new component to standard treatments for cancer.


This report provides a thorough background in the vaccines market, offering information needed to understand the current market and to approach the emerging one. It is an invaluable tool for planners, acquisitions specialists, licensing strategists, product managers, market research analysts, investor consultants and anyone interested in the vaccines market, its products, its industry participants and its future.


Recent product introductions and products projected for introduction during the forecast period (2001 to 2006) are discussed in this report, with sales projections provided. Traditional vaccines as well as those incorporating antibodies, growth factors, cytokines, hormones and recombinant proteins and peptides are assessed.

Regulatory trends, such as significant changes in vaccination programs recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies in 1999 and 2000, are discussed and their affect on the market analyzed.

In addition to analyses of leading competitors in the current worldwide vaccines market, this report assesses companies poised to introduce products during the forecast period and how this will change the face of the competitive environment.

The competitive environment is examined with a special focus on how new products and technologies as well as acquisitions and mergers are likely to reshuffle the leading manufacturers in the vaccine arena. Profiles are provided of current market leaders as well as companies with innovative products poised to enter the sector during the forecast period.

Market figures are based on revenues at the manufacturers' level and are projected at 2000-dollar value¾that is, inflation is not computed into the projection figures.

Trends are assessed based on projected sales for new product introductions and expanding indications for existing products, expanded and, in some cases, decreased usage of certain vaccines; projected increases in the prevalence of certain diseases and, especially the impact of vaccines introduced to treat diseases such as AIDS and cancer.

Included in this report are forecasts by product segment from 2000 through 2006, including supporting analyses for all projections.

The study is arranged to offer an overview of the vaccines market accompanied by analyses and forecasts by product type. Selected international markets are discussed, as well as information on industry structure and the regulatory environment. Profiles of manufacturers of leading vaccines as well as of biotechnology companies with novel products in development provide information on placement of current leading participants within the market and strategic analyses of emerging companies.


Information to prepare this study was derived from data supplied by product managers, marketing strategists, research executives and others at leading companies in the vaccines industry. Information was also obtained from researchers and product planners at companies that do not yet participate in this market but which have products in development that are poised to be introduced during the forecast period. Data was accessed from government agencies and regulatory bodies that monitor and/or regulate vaccines and infectious diseases. Searches of secondary material such as company annual reports and 10Ks, journal articles, prospectus assessments, government resources and data from health care institutions were also conducted.


Information to prepare this report was obtained from participating and emerging companies in the area of vaccines; industry analysts; health care personnel; the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the World Health Organization and other government agencies; literature searches; annual reports; 10Ks; and product literature.

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