Nanotechnology for Photonics: Global Markets

Published - Feb 2012| Analyst - Andrew McWilliams| Code - PHO003A
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Report Highlights

The global market for nanophotonic devices is projected to grow from more than $1.8 billion in 2010 and nearly $2.5 billion in 2011 to $10.9 billion in 2016, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.8% between 2011 and 2016.



The study addresses the global market for nanophotonics devices.  Nanophotonic devices are defined as devices that interact with light at the nanoscale level.  (“Nanoscale” is defined as having at least one dimension measuring less than 100 nanometers, or billionths of a meter.)  

As defined above, nanophotonics are closely related to nano-optoelectronics.  Many photonic devices, such as diodes, are also commonly classified as optoelectronic devices. This study does not exclude any application that meets the basic definition of a photonic device, even if it is also classifiable as an optoelectronic device.

Major types of nanoscale devices covered in this report include optical fiber, channel add/drop filters, optical switches and gates, light-emitting diodes, optical amplifiers, solar cells and holographic memory.  The report format includes the following major elements:

  • Executive summary
  • Definitions
  • Milestones in the development of nanophotonics
  • Current and potential nanophotonics applications
  • Applications and end-users with the greatest commercial potential through 2016
  • Global nanophotonics market trends, 2010-2016
  • Factors that will influence the long-term development of nanophotonics
  • Market shares and industry structure


Andrew McWilliams, the author of this report, is a partner in the Boston-based international technology and marketing consulting firm, 43rd Parallel LLC.  He is also the author of numerous Business Communications Co. reports, including the predecessor to this report as well as several related market assessments, such as NAN031D Nanotechnology: A Realistic Market Assessment, NAN021D  Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanoclays, and Nanotubes, and  AVM067A Metamaterials: Technologies and Global Markets. 

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