Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

Published - Feb 2005| Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS007C
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Report Highlights

  • The plastic healthcare packaging market in North America is estimated at 2.5 billion pounds for 2004 and is expected to increase to slightly more than 3.2 billion pounds by 2009, at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 5%.
  • Polypropylene represents nearly 28% of the market and will rise at an AAGR of 5.1% to 913 million pounds in 2009.
  • PVC is, and will remain with the second highest share despite efforts to reduce its use. PVC still is regarded as a cost-effective and safe material by the industry.
  • Bottles/vials, tubing/containers, syringes and kits are estimated to be the leading healthcare packaging applications, accounting for more than 83% of total plastic volume in 2004.


Plastics find increased use each year in applications for healthcare packaging. In these changing times, with emphasis on healthcare cost control, plastics are increasing their penetration in packaging. Among current trends are increased use of disposable products, an aging population, continuing cost pressures on suppliers, increasing influence of hospital and healthcarerelated purchasing groups, continued shifts to outside contract packaging, and more and more emphasis on child-resistant/senior-friendly and tamperevident packaging. All of these will challenge the healthcare packaging industry through the decade and beyond.

This BCC study looks in detail at several aspects of three important industries: plastics, packaging and healthcare. They interact in this study of the use of plastic resins in, primarily, large-volume commodity packaging plastics, and in packaging of healthcare products. This report covers the packaging of pharmaceutical products and medical products such as blood and intravenous solution bags, diagnostic kits, syringes and other similar items.

The report discusses, analyzes and forecasts markets for the major plastics used in packaging these important healthcare products. It provides a comprehensive reference for those interested and/or involved in the use of plastics for packaging healthcare products. This is a wide and varied group of personnel in chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics processing companies.


The report contains:


  • Coverage of activities and markets in North America for plastic resins used in the packaging of healthcare products
  • Discussion of noteworthy international activities relating to foreign-based companies in U.S. markets, and international technologies, standards and protocols
  • Assessment of technology developments, trends and challenges
  • Market analysis by resin volumes with forecasts to 2009
  • Market analysis by major end-users and applications with forecasts to 2009
  • Profiles of the major players and their contributory roles.



Searches were made of the literature, including many of the leading trade publications, and well as technical compendia, government publications, and information from trade and other associations. Product and market information was obtained whenever possible from the principals involved. The information for the company profiles was obtained primarily from company literature. Other sources included directories and articles.


Mel Schlechter, a research analyst in polymers and chemicals, has over 30 years in the chemical industry, and specializes in plastics market research. He has been with BCC for over 10 years. B.S., Chemistry; M.S., Organic Chemistry; M.B.A., Marketing.

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