Automatic Identification Systems -- Updated Edition

Published - Jul 2000| Analyst - Patricia Cloar| Code - SAS002C
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Report Highlights

  • While large commercial, industrial, and government end users pioneered the industry's market penetration, the impetus for this shift is entry into the commercial markets of the mainstream-midsize and small businesses. This new market dimension and competitive turbulence will infuse the market for AIDC products by 22.6% a year for the next 5 years, nearly tripling in size to approach $36 billion in 2004.
  • The North American region will slightly lag behind expansion in other areas, yet remain the dominant source of industry market value at nearly $18 billion in 2004.
  • The European market for AIDC products will basically be on a par with the growth in the overall AIDC market at 22.5% per year.


Although traditionally tagged solely the realm of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, the automatic identification industry now directly impacts much of consumers' everyday existence. Conveniences such as 24 hour automatic teller machine cash access, credit purchases, parking access, buying groceries, overnight package delivery, borrowing books from a library, boarding subways, and telecommuting to work are all accomplished utilizing automatic identification industry solutions.

Automatic identification technology has actually streamlined a diverse array of transactions and processes in government, industry, commercial, and consumer markets. Originally built on the need for speedy and reliable data entry, the automatic identification industry has come of age, emerging as a critical function in the flow of information in today's architecture. Across the global economy a number of key developments are focusing attention on automatic identification systems leading BCC to conduct an in-depth re-examination of the many changes and future prospects in this robust industry. These developments cover three general areas: market forces, technology, and applications.


An individualized analysis and forecast is devoted to the market for each of the leading automatic identification technology areas -- bar code, card technologies (magnetic, optical, and smart), radio frequency identification, biometrics, and emerging (button memory, machine vision). Coverage of market projections encompasses a 5-year period from 1998 through 2003. Product market value projections include automatic identification equipment, software, supplies, and services. Those projections are addressed on the basis of the four major regional markets of the world: North America, Europe, Pacific Asia, and Rest of the World. To provide a complete picture and comprehensive market forecasts, the regional presentations are concluded with an examination of world market values for the entire industry.

Additional market intelligence is presented in the analysis of automatic identification applications markets. Five-year revenue forecasts are provided for each market application, including contribution values of the major automatic identification technologies. Industry structure is discussed containing strategic market information on major market players, supply chain trends, market drivers, opportunities for growth, and challenges to future market expansion. To complete the industry picture, an assessment of competitive environment is a part of the analysis of each product market.

The technologies are explained, including their comparative advantages. Salient technology issues and trends are explored in relation to standards, product development and market opportunities, and barriers. Profiles of key industry participants are also part of the report contents. An appendix supplements the study offering a database of industry-related organizations, publications, and semiconductor/sensor developers.


The forecast figures are based on analysis of information from government, industry-related associations and organizations, technology trends, financial sources, secondary sources, and primary research from industry sources. Industry sources included manufacturers of automatic identification equipment, software developers, OEM computer equipment manufacturers, integrators, and commercial and industrial users of the technology.


The report analyst has been involved with the information technology industry for over 19 years. That experience spans large mainframe multisite environments down to small client/server installations and home offices. The analyst's credentials also include a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and a Master of Administration degree.

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