The Forensic Business: Highlighting Technologies, Opportunities

Published - Mar 2005| Analyst - Barbara Breindel| Code - SAS003B
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Report Highlights

  • The overall U.S. value of forensic products reached nearly $1.48 billion in 2004 and is projected to rise at an AAGR (average annual growth rate) of 14.3% to more than $3.29 billion in 2010.
  • DNA testing is expected to grow at a 15.9% AAGR, rising from $745.2 million to more than $1.75 billion in the period.
  • Fingerprinting/biometrics are forecasted to grow at a 13.8% AAGR, rising to some $1.38 billion from $637.7 million in 2004.
  • The majority of forensic testing is done in publicly funded laboratories. Only a few private consultant laboratories offer services to analyze forensic evidence in the U.S.


Forensic science recently has garnered considerable publicity from highprofile court cases involving DNA testing and popular television shows. The greater use of DNA testing and other technologies has brought visibility to forensic testing. The number of traditional crime laboratories in the U.S. performing forensic analyses has grown from 300 in 1999 to an estimated 450 today. They analyze hundreds of thousands of samples annually. Although the market for forensic analyses and related products may seem small in comparison to the market for biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, crime laboratory analyses serve a very important purpose.

The collection and evaluation of forensic evidence at the scene of a crime is of extreme importance in the legal system and the products used to collect and assay this evidence are the focus of this BCC report. This market includes many different products, most of which provide information about the chemical nature of substances. Forensic laboratories do not, in general, use analytical instruments or supplies that were specifically designed for forensics testing but use those that also are used by the general analytical industry such as the pharmaceutical and environmental monitoring industries. Although the forensic market is small when compared to other markets, these products play a very important role in forensic analyses.


The report contains:


  • Coverage of the present status of, and future prospects for the crime laboratory segment of the U.S. forensic science market
  • Identification of current and upcoming technologies
  • Analysis of products, market segments/end markets with forecasts through 2010
  • Coverage of the social, political, regulatory and economic issues impacting the industry
  • A detailed patent analysis
  • Profiles and analyses of the competitive position of the main players in the market.



Data for this study were collected using both primary and secondary data research techniques. A literature search of BCC's extensive library was conducted, as well as a search of scientific, medical and libraries. Extensive interviews with industry personnel, scientists, professional and trade organizations, government agency personnel, observers, scientists and industry professionals took place.

Collected data were analyzed by BCC to determine specific findings and forecasts. Once these were obtained, they were validated with industry experts; consequently, all estimates provided in this report represent a consensus of BCC personnel, industry participants and industry observers. Since some segments of this report are not routinely measured, BCC derived estimates from a variety of analogous sources. Whenever market estimates are derived they are fully noted. All forecasts use constant 2005 dollars.


Research Analyst Barbara Breindel has covered the Medical and Pharmaceutical fields for BCC for 18 years. She has advised the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals industries with product evaluations, domestic and foreign market analyses, and consumer trend forecasts. Ms. Breindel's studies have examined drug delivery systems, drug packaging, pharmaceuticals, microorganism testing, skin, wound and hair treatment markets, as well as the medical diagnostic equipment and laser industries. B.S., Lehman College, NY; M.B.A., Marketing, Baruch Graduate School, CCNY.

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