Electronic, Acoustic and Optical Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

Published - Sep 2002| Analyst - Okereke Chima| Code - SAS010A
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Report Highlights

  • The market for electronic security systems for 2001 was estimated at about $11.1 billion and is expected to climb at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 11.1%to $18.75 billion in 2006.
  • The segment for video monitoring and security alarms has the largest market share at under $5.0 billion, followed by the access control segment with about a $2.2billion share.
  • Biometrics has potential for large growth, because it provides the technologies and serves the applications used for developing, installing and operating effectivecounterterrorism systems.
  • Companies producing explosive- and drug-detection systems have experienced largeincreases in orders since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
  • Acoustic monitoring is an area that still has potential for growth


Electronic, optical and acoustic security, detection, monitoring and surveillance systems connote and encapsulate the entire gamut of equipment, systems and devices used for the protection of persons, organizations and companies, commercial and social operations, and civil/military installations both at national and international levels. These systems range from personalized security systems in a home to large-scale systems for the protection of crucial national installations.

They include systems used to refuse access to a room or a building because the fingerprint of the person trying to enter is not included in a database of authorized persons. Systems that alert the police and other security forces that one face among the thousands in a crowd, who are trying to enter a public event, belongs to a wanted person. Such systems alert airport security officers to the presence of minute traces of explosives hidden in baggage on the conveyor. And also systems that consist of voice-operated electronics, like cellular phones and land lines that will not operate for nonowners. Authorized operation requires a voiceprint engraved into the system. Inevitably, modern security issues concern and affect everyone.

Criminals have become very sophisticated; crimes still are committed against installations even when they are continuously monitored by security personnel. The reality is that traditional security systems are inadequate and ineffective when it comes to protection against the designs and devices of present-day criminals and/or terrorists.

This timely BCC report quantifies the market for electronic, optical and acoustic security, detection, monitoring and surveillance systems. The study includes a comprehensive list of, and information on, the different security systems and equipment that can be used effectively for various applications at personal, organizational and national levels. The document also provides information on different vendors, including their marketing and distribution systems and offers insight into operations and competitive strategies in the various market segments.


This report provides coverage of:


  • the importance and historical perspectives of electronic security systems
  • the industry by product type and operations and applications of some of the described security systems
  • counterterrorism
  • the characteristics of the industry, as well as similarities/differences between certain products
  • security risks as they specifically apply to businesses
  • government regulations
  • international aspects, focusing on the security industry outside the U.S.
  • vendors, annual sales, details of their products, commercial activities and competitive strategies.



Personal interviews, including telephone interviews of industry executives, observation of actual life systems, as well as research/study of websites and news/economic publications comprise the sources of information. The research method consists of collating and analyzing the information assembled from the various sources.

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