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Published - Feb 2006| Analyst - Robert Moran| Code - SMC062A
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Report Highlights

  • The value of worldwide shipments of electronic displays will reach $85 billion by 2005, and grow at an average annual rate of 10.6% to reach $141 billion by 2010.
  • Flat panel displays will account for 67% of the value in 2005 and will have 85% of the total display value by 2010.
  • LCDs, presently the primary competitor to the CRT, grew at a rate of 17.5% in 2005 to reach a worldwide shipment value of $48 billion.


The demand for cathode ray tubes (CRTs) is declining as flat panel display models penetrate desktop computer systems, television and other applications. In fact, CRT shipments are expected to decline by an average of 7.1% annually through 2010. BCC has followed this dynamic industry for two decades, and now report_highlightss the electronic display industry as it is in 2005, with a detailed analysis of the industry and its growth potential over the period 2005 to 2010. It is the second of two major studies of this fastchanging industry, GB-203U Major Display Materials: Markets, Technologiesbeing the first.

BCC last studied the display industry in 2002 and was particularly interested in the impact on the market brought about by the improvements in electronic display technologies and the availability of additional flat panel models for various applications. BCC now carries on the story, and presents key events that occurred in the display industry during 2005, along with a comprehensive analysis of the current market for electronic displays, and their future direction.

This in-depth analysis will be important to display manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, and system integrators, as well as to manufacturers of information systems, personal computers, televisions and ancillary equipment, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, appliances, transportation equipment and medical devices.


The report contains:


  • The major types of electronic displays and technologies prevalent in the current market.
  • A worldwide market analysis with five-year forecasts
  • Examination of the technological trends, developments, and other influential factors in the industry.
  • Analysis of governmental and industrial support for Research & Development worldwide
  • Current and projected status of the CRT versus flat panel displays
  • Company profiles for all the major industry leaders and more.



BCC presents an analysis of the units shipped for 2004 and 2005 for each major type of display technology. Our estimated value is what manufacturers have paid in non-depreciated U.S. dollars. Based on our surveys, we analyze the potential growth of each display and then forecast unit shipments for 2010. We also analyze pricing trends and establish shipment values for 2004 and 2005, and project those for 2010.


BCC surveyed approximately 125 companies to obtain data for this study. Included were manufacturers of CRT and flat panel displays, consumer products, communication systems, medical devices, instrumentation, and transportation equipment. We also spoke with manufacturers of emerging displays and components, such as MEMS (microelectrical mechanical systems), carbon nanotubes, and other nanotechnology-based products. We also spoke with display manufacturers and display users in a variety of industries, as well as compiled data from current financial/trade information and government sources.

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