Global Edge Analytics Market: (Focus on Components (Hardware, Software & Services), Country Analysis, End Users, Competitive Landscape, Market Share Analysis, and Region Specific Information) - Analysis and Forecast (2018-2025)

May 2018| BIS045A| BIS Research

Report Highlights

The global edge analytics solutions market comprises of hardware devices, software and professional services that helps in bringing automated analytical computation at the edge of the network. In general, edge analytics is relatively a new term which aims at collecting and analyzing data at the point where it is generated such as sensors, IoT gateways, network switches and other devices. This automated computation at the edge saves time, improves latency and reduces transmission cost of sending data to the cloud servers. The technology has gained momentum with the rising prevalence of IoT connected devices. Industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, and automobile are the most prominent participants of the IoT revolution and generate tremendous amount of operational data which can be difficult and expensive to manage. By processing data at the edge of a corporate network can empower companies to decide if the data is needed to be sent to the cloud or not. This is particularly useful in environments, such as oil rigs, aircraft, CCTV cameras, connected cars, remote manufacturing where there may not be sufficient time to transmit data to a centralized location and wait for the results. Also, edge analytics could prove to be a boon for the remotely located enterprises where there is a shortage of bandwidth to transmit operational data back and forth and hence, edge can efficiently provide computation and analytics capabilities in remote locations.

An IoT gateway plays a very significant role in the deployment of edge analytics in any enterprise. This device acts as a bridge between connected devices and the centralised cloud server. Rising number of devices is consistently pushing the demand for these devices in solving data management issues. The gateway extracts all the sensor data and applies various rule-based algorithms and sends actionable commands to the connected devices in real time.

Currently, edge analytics solutions are extensively being deployed in retail, manufacturing, energy, smart cities, transportation and logistics vertical segments. Some of the major use cases of edge analytics include: retail customer behaviour analysis, remote monitoring and maintenance for energy operations, fraud detection at financial locations (ATMs), and monitoring of manufacturing & logistics equipment.

The market report is well designed to provide an all-inclusive field of vision about the market in terms of various factors influencing it such as, recent trends, technological advancements, and regulatory environment of the market. The scope of this report is centered upon conducting a detailed study of the solutions allied with the global edge analytics solutions market. The market has been segmented into ‘Mode of Deployment’, ‘Components’, ‘Application’, and ‘Region’. The report presents the reader with an opportunity to unlock comprehensive insights with respect to the market, and helps in forming well informed strategic decisions. The research uncovers some of the substantial parameters that must be taken into consideration before entering into the market.

This research report aims at answering various aspects of the global edge analytics solutions market with the help of the key factors driving the market, threats that can possibly inhibit the overall growth of the market, and the current investment opportunities that are going to shape the future trajectory of the market expansion. The study considers the growth-share matrix model for a comprehensive study of the global edge analytics solutions market and assesses the factors governing the same.

The answers to the following key questions can be derived from this report:

  • What are the major market drivers, challenges and opportunities in the global edge analytics solutions market
  • What was the market value of the leading segments and sub-segments of the global edge analytics solutions market in 2017
  • How will each segment of the global edge analytics solutions market grow during the forecast period and what will be the revenue generated by each of the segments by the end of 2025
  • What are the influencing factors that may affect the market share of the key players
  • How will the industry evolve during the forecast period 2018- 2025
  • What are the key developments and strategies that are being implemented by the key players to sustain in this market
  • What are the key application areas of the global edge analytics solutions market How each of the application areas are employing edge computing
  • Who are the key players in the global edge analytics solutions market and what are their contributions
  • What is the scope for expansion by the key players of the global edge analytics solutions market in East and South-East Asia

The current edge analytics solutions market landscape consists of leading players from the public cloud segment such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon AWS. There are also some of the leading networking companies such as Cisco and AT&T entering the market with edge computing capabilities, followed by a multitude of industrial automation companies such as GE Corporation, Schneider Electric and Siemens, among others.

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