U.S. Seafood Food Trends: Consumer and operator wants, opinions, and behaviors around eating and menuing seafood away-from-home and at-home

Sep 2017| MDK026A| Datassential

Report Highlights

Fish can be found at four out of five restaurants, with much higher penetration at FSRs than LSRs. Fish penetration remains steady in full-service while declining slightly at LSRs.

Although salmon and tuna are consumers’ most loved fish, affinity is consistent across many different varieties. Certain species, such as ahi tuna and sockeye salmon, rank nearly as high as broader classifications such as cod and white fish.

Salmon and tuna, the two most-loved species, are by far the most menued. Several of the fastest growing species are specific varieties of already well-known fish: bluefin is also known as Atlantic tuna, rockfish is also known as redfish, Alaskan cod is distinguished from Atlantic.

Price and format are the most important purchase attributes. Sustainability is not a major part of the seafood purchasing decision despite being a high profile topic within the industry.

Away-from-home seafood consumption in the past year has increased for nearly twice as many consumers as has decreased. A slightly higher number plan to eat more fish in the coming year than plan to eat more shellfish.

Openness to purchasing seafood at different foodservice segments varies according to the menu item. QSRs get the nod primarily for fried items as well as preparations with a health halo: steamed, grilled, and roasted. Supermarkets are the top outlet for deli salads, while half of consumers shy away from either channel for raw seafood such as sushi or poke.

The Seafood Keynote combines the opinions and behaviors of over 1,000 consumers and hundreds of restaurant, retail, and onsite operators with insights from Datassential’s industry-leading menu tracking databases MenuTrends and INSIDER and consumer sentiment tools SCORES

Dive into the seafood landscape in both retail and foodservice, delving deep into consumer and operator habits, perceptions, and preferences regarding both fish and shellfish. You’ll learn more about…

Seafood Consumption
Explore detailed analysis of consumers’ last seafood occasion in addition to the attitudes, trends, and tastes that Keynotes always cover. Discover which seafood varieties are the most common at home and away, when and where they are eaten, how they are prepared, and more.

Seafood Attitudes
Learn how seafood fits into consumers’ lifestyles, compare what consumers say they are looking for in seafood at home versus away from home, and track purchasing behavior by foodservice segment and supermarket department. Using data from Datassential’s new FLAVOR database, explore favorite seafood varieties and affinity for different species and preps.

Operator Perspectives
Understand how foodservice operators view seafood as a traffic and profit driver, pinpoint their biggest operational challenges, and discover what changes are planned for seafood menus.

Restaurant Menus
Identify the most-menued and fastest-growing species, ingredients, and descriptors in seafood dishes on every part of the menu. Follow seafood growth over the past decade by restaurant segment, and track pricing for seafood apps and entrées.

Sustainability Perceptions
Tackle the hot-button issue of seafood sustainability with both consumers and operators. Discover exactly what consumers and operators know about sustainability and how it affects their purchasing.

Datassential, a Chicago-based food industry research and consulting firm, brings clients real-world information on foodservice and consumer packaged goods in the U.S. and around the world. The company’s services, including its extensive MenuTrends database, provide in-depth reporting on trends in menu offerings, flavor profiles, ingredients and preparations. Datassential helps operators, retailers, and suppliers understand and capitalize on these important trends.

Datassential makes the food industry smarter. We provide trend software, predictive analytics, and consumer insights that help manufacturers, food retailers, and chain restaurants innovate and sell more intelligently.

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