Survey of Law School Faculty: View of Law School Management

Published - October 2016| Code - PRG147A| Affiliate - Primary Research Group

Report Highlights

This study presents the results of a survey of US law school faculty about their law school’s management. The representative study presents their views on hiring full time and adjunct faculty, awarding tenure, law school asset sales and tuition abatement plans, and on other issues regarding the law school budget. Among the other issues covered: their opinion of how well law school management is handling fundraising, alumni relations, promotion, facilities management, library services, international and domestic student recruitment, and special events management. In addition, faculty were asked to evaluate management’s efforts to foster grants and other financial support for faculty research, to publicize faculty research and achievements, and to furnish top line information technology support. Faculty also give their views on the apparent relaxation of student admission standards at many law schools and what this means for the future of the profession. In addition, faculty offer their opinions on what exactly they like and don’t like about their law school management, and where they would like to see their law schools go in the future. Many cite specific laws schools and policies worthy of emulation. 111 Faculty from 36 US law schools participated in the survey.

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