The Survey of Colleges Affiliated with a Religion

Dec 2013| PRG022A| Primary Research Group

Report Highlights

The study presents data from a survey of approximately 40 colleges in the USA that are affiliated with a religion. The report probes finances and enrollment trends, attitudes towards the role of religion at the college, feelings about adjusting to the demands of the broader American society, and many other issues of interest to administrators of colleges affiliated with a religion.
The data in the report helps to answer questions such as: how much funding comes from the religious body sponsoring the college? What percentage of students are of the same faith as that of the college sponsor? What percentage of students come from abroad? What percentage from high schools affiliated with a religion? What are the trends in these enrollment areas? How have religiously associated colleges done in distance learning? What are the trends in fundraising? How do colleges affiliated with a religion market themselves? To what extent do various denominations serve their adherents of their own religion and to what extent do they branch out to other faiths? What is the outlook for religiously inspired colleges in the USA? More than 100 pages of data in the report is broken out by size and type of college, and by denomination, as well as other variables.

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Primary Research Group
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