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Global Market for Gasification Balance of Plant (Bop) Components to reach $96.2 Billion In 2018

September 25, 2014

Wellesley, Mass., September 25, 2014 –BCC Research ( reveals in its new report, GASIFIER BALANCE OF PLANT (BOP) COMPONENTS: GLOBAL MARKETS, the global market for gasification balance of plant (BOP) components by gasification stage is expected to grow to $96.2 billion by 2018, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8%. 

 Expansion of the markets and applications of gasification systems has opened opportunities for various BOP components that are used in the fossil fuel, petrochemical, chemical, agricultural, forestry, biofuel, and waste-handling industries, among others. The aggregate world market for gasification BOP components was $55 billion in 2013 and is rapidly rising.

 Whole-systems components, such as air separation units (ASU) and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), hold the highest value gasification system BOP segment. However, the value trend is not commensurate with the price gap between BOP components for the lower-end biogasifiers and those used with the highest-capacity utility-scale gasifiers. Instead, the pre-gasification material movement and post-gasification cleanup components are so numerous worldwide that they make up the difference between the components in the end stages of the gasification process and the values of whole-system BOP components.

 “Gasifier technologies have been evolving for well over a century, but only recently have emerged as being economically and technologically viable, and in many ways preferable to other energy-conversion devices,” says BCC Research energy and resources analyst Michael Kujawa. “A growing number of opportunities also exist where gasifiers are a de facto choice for syngas production, even from natural gas.”


GASIFIER BALANCE OF PLANT (BOP) COMPONENTS: GLOBAL MARKETS identifies, characterizes, describes, and forecasts world markets for gasifier BOP components markets on global, regional, and gasification application bases. Individual components from all gasification stages are described and categorized in terms of their appropriate gasification stage, and their market is quantified by unit count per year and the dollar value of the forecast sales for the period 2013 to 2018.


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Source: BCC Research

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Gasifier Balance of Plant (BOP) Components: Global Markets( EGY120A )
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