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Global Market for Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanoclays, and Nanotubes to Reach $4.2 Billion in 2019; Nanocomposites Claim 60.2% Market Share

May 22, 2014

BCC Research ( reveals in its new report,GLOBAL MARKETS FOR NANOCOMPOSITES, NANOPARTICLES, NANOCLAYS, AND NANOTUBES,the global market for nanocomposites is expected to grow to $4.2 billion by 2019, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%.  The nanocomposite category is projected to claim the lion's share of the overall market.

Recent advances in the production and manipulation of nanometer-scale materials have led to their increased use as fillers in new nanocomposites. Indeed, manufacturers now mix nanoparticulate metals, oxides and other materials with polymers and matrix materials to optimize color/transparency, conductivity, flame retardancy, barrier properties, magnetic properties, and anticorrosive properties, among other characteristics.

The market share for the clay nanocomposite category is expected to increase to 60.2% by 2019. 

Meanwhile, carbon nanotube composites’ share should drop to 13.5%,and metal/metal oxide nanocomposites’ share is expected to reach 7.7% of the market.  

"Nanocomposites have been used commercially since Toyota introduced the first polymer/clay nanocomposite auto parts in the 1980s," says BCC Research nanotechnology analyst Andrew McWilliams. "Recently, advances in the ability to characterize, produce and manipulate nanometer-scale materials have led to their increased use as fillers in new types of nanocomposites.”

Automotive parts, packaging and electronics were the main nanocomposite applications on a worldwide basis in 2013, with 51.4%, 22.5% and 13.8% of the market.  By 2019, automotive parts’ share should drop to 40.6%, while electronics’s share drops to 8%.

GLOBAL MARKETS FOR NANOCOMPOSITES, NANOPARTICLES, NANOCLAYS, AND NANOTUBES provides an overview of the global market for nanocomposites, nanoparticles, nanoclays, and nanotubes. It includes analyses of global market trends, with data from 2013, estimates for 2014, and projections of CAGRs through 2019.

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Source: BCC Research

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Global Markets for Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanoclays, and Nanotubes( NAN021F )
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