BCC Research announces new services to support the community of innovators in Boston, MA, and beyond!

Transforming your Technology Transfer Office through BCC

November 30, 2023

Boston: For over 50 years, BCC has empowered organizations with a unique blend of meticulous research data and insightful analysis, seamlessly integrated with strategic consulting, to drive actionable value outcomes and foster sustained success for our clients.

Deciding which technology/IP to choose when investing in patents and commercial protection is a costly and complex process. Knowing which ones to support and why is the key to success. Using BCC's panel of industry & scientific experts, backed by over five decades of experience, you can now achieve significantly greater outcomes to save time, effort, and money, using the BCC TTO commercialization service.

New Services

Scorecard - The scorecard is the ultimate high-level decision-making tool for commercialization offices. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources to markets with the highest potential.

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Innovation Spotlight - The Innovation Spotlight articles serve as your gateway to the cutting-edge world of disruptive technology. Explore how innovation can fuel your business's growth to new heights. If you have groundbreaking technology to share with the world, let BCC know. With their help, you can maximize the commercial potential in your patents and IP, to deliver the best chance of your licensing success and resulting value.
 Additional Benefits:

  • Available during semester breaks. BCC provides immediate availability of analyst/expert resources at a fixed monthly service fee.
  • Bespoke reports highlight your patents' potential markets, size, value, and geographies to interested companies seeking new and innovative technologies and services.
  • Leverage existing BCC relationships and experience to market to those potential licensees to capitalize on your patent/IP investments.

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Scorecards and Innovation Spotlights are invaluable additions to your knowledge toolkit. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and elevate your expertise with the data and insights offered by BCC Research.