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  • No Man is an Island. No Robot is Either: Co-Bots Enter SE Asia Market Poet John Donne's oft-quoted line refers to the notion that humans don't thrive when isolated from others. Although he was a Christian, Donne's concept is shared by other religions, principally Buddhism.
  • Nanomaterials Offer Potential for Cancer Diagnosis and Destruction Nanomaterials have the potential for cancer diagnosis and therapy simultaneously. Separate investigations by researchers in France and in the United States suggest the results could be particularly effective for aggressive forms of cancer.
  • The Eyes Have it for Embedded Technology Between 2010 and 2050, the number of cases of diabetic retinopathy will almost double, from 7.6 million to 14.6 million, per the National Institutes of Health.
  • Low-Cost Technology Improves Drinking Water in Developing Countries In Swahili, "Maji Safi" means "clean water."   It's also the name of a start-up company dedicated to promoting effective water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices through creative education to fight waterborne diseases. 
  • Go West, Young Man, to Western Greenland In Greenland, there's calcium feldspar "in them thar hills. There's millions in it." The mineral could prove as valuable as the mountainous gold that inspired this quote back in the rough-and-ready days of the California Gold Rush.
  • Uncle Sam Battles Cybersecurity Workforce Drought What if there was a war and nobody came?   It almost seems that way for the U.S. government, in terms of recruiting cybersecurity professionals in the ever-expanding war on cybercrimes.
  • Point of Care: Greasing the Skids for Efficient Healthcare Delivery Point-of-care (POC) diagnosis, or near-patient testing, takes place wherever the patient is. In other words, it includes any screening or diagnostic test that is performed outside of a main hospital laboratory. The wider availability of POC testing is revolutionizing the continuum of the patient care process by providing laboratory results quickly and efficiently. A shorter turnaround time, as well as a quicker diagnosis leading to faster treatment, yield cost savings. The success of this approach relies on the development of miniaturized devices for POC testing. Emerging new technologies are allowing earlier adoption of smaller, more accurate, and easier-to-use devices. 
  • Novel Raman Spectra Technique May Help Detect Martian Life In 2020, NASA plans to launch a Mars rover that will probe the Red Planet for remnants of ancient microbial life, let alone Matt Damon's abandoned scientist Mark Whatney.
  • Noninvasive Molecular Tests Gaining Traction in Transplant Diagnostics Transplant diagnostics are a critical prerequisite for organ transplant procedures. These tests are extensively used to study the compatibility between the organ donor and recipient. Transplant diagnostics also play a crucial role after the transplant procedure. Organ rejections post-transplant can lead to severe complications. Diagnostics at every stage of the transplant procedure can help medical practitioners protect the patient’s health by reducing the possibilities of organ failure.

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