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  • This BCC Research report provides an understanding of the ballast water treatment equipment industry and the market forces that affect it. Forecasts provided from 2015 to 2020.

    Membrane And Separation Technology - August 2016
  • This BCC Research report provides an update on the most advanced processes employed for the fabrication of thin films, nanofilms and ultrathin films. Includes forecasts through 2021.

    Semiconductor Manufacturing - August 2016
  • This BCC Research study provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the current and forecast market through 2026 for alternative chemicals and processes that have emerged from the green chemistry movement.

    Chemicals - August 2016
  • This BCC Research report reviews and analyzes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) problems that are encountered in the operation of electronic equipment and the key implications for plastics and competitive materials and technologies used to suppress that interference. Forecast provided through 2021.

    Plastics - August 2016
  • This BCC Research report explores the current and future PCR product market, which includes instruments, reagents and consumables, and software and services. It also looks at innovations, market drivers and forces holding back the market. Market forecast provided from 2016 through 2021.

    Biotechnology - August 2016
  • This BCC Research report determines the current status of the market for rheumatoid arthritis treatments, and assesses their growth potential over a five-year period from 2016 through 2020.

    Pharmaceuticals - July 2016
  • This BCC Research report provides an up-to-date analysis of recent developments and current trends in the global flexible heater market. It quantifies the projected impact of both internal and external forces affecting the global market for flexible heaters and their impact on the industry over the forecast period from 2016 to 2021.

    Instrumentation And Sensors - July 2016

  • Home Users Are Catalyst for Patient Monitoring Device Market Remote patient monitoring is drawing keen interest in the market for patient monitoring devices (PMDs). According to projections by BCC Research, the PMD market will grow from nearly $16.9 billion in 2015 to almost $23.8 billion in 2020, reflecting a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%. Last year, hospitals were the largest segment of the PMD end-user market, representing 51% of the total end-user market. But in terms of growth, home users are the fastest-growing end-user segment. The market for glucose monitoring and other devices that enable patient self-monitoring at home is expected to grow during BCC Research’s forecast period.
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Bio-Print Human Organs Two high-tech companies have teamed up to develop a 3-D bio-printer capable of manufacturing human organs and tissues in orbit. The joint effort could result in the ability to manufacture transplantable organs in space for patients on earth, and help enable long-duration human exploration of deep space.
  • The Brave New Applications of PCR Technology Technological advances are yielding different types of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques. BCC Research reveals in a new analysis that the use of PCR technology continues to expand into nonconventional applications, producing solid growth in the global market. PCR allows DNA sequencing, as well as the production of millions of copies of a specific DNA sequence, within minutes. As a result, PCR technology has helped make molecular diagnosis easier and faster. It is used frequently to diagnose disease, identify bacteria and viruses, and aid forensic investigations. And, so much more.
  • Biosimilar Therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Win Favor of FDA Panel The race is on to get biosimilar versions of the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments Humira, the world’s top-selling drug, and Enbrel, also in the top five, to market. Companies are simultaneously defending their own biologic treatments and developing biosimilars. Case in point: Last month, Amgen floated on a recommendation from an FDA panel to approve its alternative to AbbVie’s Humira. But the following day, Novartis’ Sandoz division won similar support for FDA approval of a biosimilar to Amgen’s Enbrel. The landscape is changing fast, as companies both vie to protect their blockbusters and try to chip away at their competitor’s market share.
  • Marketing Your Business During Major World Events - Part Two Major world events, such as national or international sporting competitions are a great time to connect with your customers and introduce or even reintroduce yourself. You can build upon a great relationship by demonstrating to your customers that your company has passion, or a sense of humor, or even just that you support the things they care about.
  • Marketing Your Business During Major World Events - Part One Some things are just better when enjoyed with other people. We are social beings, and there is both a thrill and a primal satisfaction in sharing an experience. Two examples are watching an anticipated film in a theater full of eager moviegoers, or celebrating your hometown team’s victory in a packed stadium. In both cases, the energy and excitement of others fuels and heightens the emotional impact to the individual.
  • Accenture Launches Advanced Analytics Applications to Detect Fraud Advanced analytics enables all stakeholders who deal with fraud to analyze their organization’s business data to gain insight into the dynamics of internal controls and identify fraudulent or suspicious transactions that heighten the risk of fraud.
  • Obama Names Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute Winner This past June, the Obama administration highlighted America’s capacity for creativity and invention by announcing that the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) will lead the new Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, in partnership with the Department of Energy.
  • Your Watch (or Ring)--Don’t Leave Home Without It In his 1888 novel “Looking Backward 2000-1887,” American writer Edward Bellamy envisioned a utopian world in which cash has been replaced by credit/debit cards. Bellamy was the first to write about such cards, forty years before anyone else.

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