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  • This BCC Research study quantifies the projected impact of both internal and external forces that are affecting the global coated flat glass industry today and that will affect the industry for the next several years. Forecast provided through 2021.

    Advanced Materials - June 2016
  • This BCC Research report examines the robotics industry from the research laboratory to the replacement parts business. Forecasts given from 2016 and 2021.

    Engineering - June 2016
  • This BCC Research report provides a detailed analysis of the global mobile wallet market, and discusses the mobile wallet value chain, drivers, challenges and advantages. Forecasts provided through 2020.

    Information Technology - June 2016
  • This BCC Research report evaluates recent technology developments, growth drivers, industry challenges and market trends in neuromarketing. Forecast given from 2015 through 2021.

    Information Technology - June 2016
  • This BCC research report provides a market overview and detailed segmentation based on software tools, integrated hardware appliances and advanced analytics services. Forecast provided through 2020.

    Information Technology - June 2016
  • This BCC Research report addresses the key component of smart manufacturing, driven by the Internet of Things, and analyzes the markets and applications by region. Forecast provided through 2020.

    Information Technology - June 2016
  • This BCC market research report provides an in-depth analysis of the technical and market drivers relating to the market for ultrafiltration (UF) membrane products, evaluating the current worth of UF modules, cassettes, dialyzers and other devices by application. Includes forecasts through 2021.

    Membrane And Separation Technology - June 2016

  • Cellulose Aerogels Make Paper Waste Eco-Friendly A research team from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Faculty of Engineering has achieved a world’s first by successfully converting paper waste into green cellulose aerogels that are non-toxic, ultralight, flexible, extremely strong, and water repellent.
  • How to Use Market Research to Distinguish Yourself in a Saturated Market Most companies dream of tapping into a fresh, profitable market that is bursting with eager customers with payment in hand. However, the opposite is a much more frequent reality: many companies compete within saturated markets filled with competitors, and some of those competitors may have solid products and glossy reputations. So what are you to do when you are in the middle of, or about to join, such a crowded space? How do you distinguish yourself in saturated market?
  • Sequencing Is Establishing Firm Foothold in Pre-/Neonatal Diagnostics Since its commercial introduction more than a decade ago, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has matured into an essential life science tool for genetic studies in a range of applications. BCC Research reports that the NGS industry is on the cusp of a second growth phase powered by new applications in clinical diagnostics.
  • Approval Greenlights Development of Highly Anticipated Leviathan Gas Field Houston-based Noble Energy has received the green light from the Israeli government to proceed with development of its Leviathan gas field project in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Consumption of Milk Alternative Products Increasing, Spurring Market Growth More consumers are choosing plant-based options either because of personal preference or because of recommendations from health or nutrition professionals. At the same time, they are becoming more interested in plant-based options for milk that offer great taste combined with the nutrients that can be found in cow’s milk.
  • Stem Cell Organoids Deployed Against Zika Products that are based on stem cells have yet to form an established market. Yet, unlike some other potential applications of bioscience, stem cell technology has already produced a number of significant products in important therapeutic areas. BCC Research reveals in a new study that researchers around the world are using stem cells to achieve new outcomes that will mark a paradigm shift in drug discovery and the practice of medicine.
  • Bioprinting Spawns New Ways to Tackle Disease Bioprinting, an offshoot of 3D printing, aims to allow scientists to build organs, layer by layer. Researchers have already built modified 3D printers and are now perfecting the processes that will allow them to ultimately print tissues and organs for transplantation. Getting these printed cells to behave like native cells is a challenge. As the technology improves, the next step will be fully functional replacement organs, complete with the vascularization necessary to remain alive and healthy. Some of the latest achievements in 3D bioprinting are described here.
  • 3D Printing Takes on New Connotations What if there were no more long waits for an organ transplant? Instead of hoping for a donor match, what if an organ could be bioprinted? Luckily, it’s not as futuristic as it might sound. That’s good news, because according to the United Network for Organ Sharing, more than 121,000 Americans are wait listed for an organ. 
  • Like His Owner, Fido Needs Probiotics, Too

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