For more than 45 years, we've been making Aha! happen.
We serve companies whose innovative technologies and breakthrough discoveries impact and transform businesses, industries and lives.

Support a Project

Validate internal market assumptions, attract funding and make strategic decisions about what comes next. With single reports or short term access to our entire library, give your project the foundation it needs to thrive.

Sustain Your Enterprise

When multiple business units are competing for every dollar of your research budget, full library access means no stone will be left unturned when searching for the next big thing-across your entire company.

Customize Your Research

You have an idea. It’s a great idea. But you need market validation to pursue this idea. We have analysts. We have great analysts. And they are ready to tailor market research that serves your great idea.

Our Customers

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Like a game of chess, keeping themselves several steps ahead of the competition, using market research to map the landscape and support go-to-market strategies.

Product Management

At the forefront of finding the next big thing, incorporating market research to validate assumptions, uncover opportunities and find the road less traveled.

Information Research

Centralizing intelligence to support, educate and analyze opportunities across multiple business or academic departments, with market research key to their success.

Investment & venture

Opportunities abound for those looking to invest in game-changing technologies. Market research unearths their biggest ROI, and points to the next prospect.


Illuminating the best path forward, using market research to corroborate and substantiate recommendations and deliver tangible results for clients.

Innovation Labs

Early innovators with a crucial first step of validating market assumptions, market research data attracts investors and accelerates their path to commercialization.

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