Global Markets and Technologies for Natural Gas Storage

Published - Jan 2016| Analyst - Edward Gobina| Code - EGY045C
Global Markets and Technologies for Natural Gas Storage
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Report Highlights

The global natural gas storage market will reach $796.4 billion in 2020, up from $562.2 billion in 2015, registering a CAGR of 7.2% for the period of 2015-2020.

Report Includes

  • An assessment and quantification of the current global natural gas storage market
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2014, estimates for 2015, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2020
  • Evaluation of the future global use of storage as a means of primary energy production
  • Discussion of important current and potential environmental regulations that may affect the growth of this market
  • Examination of pricing trends for key North American and European wholesale gas markets
  • Assessment of the impacts of new and proposed infrastructure projects
  • A detailed patent analysis
  • Profiles of the top players in the field

Report Scope

BCC Research expects a consistent increase in global natural gas usage with more than 250 years of global supply now well established, and emerging exploration potential, especially in shale gas. BCC Research analysis expects global natural gas demand to increase by 65% from 2015 to 2030, reaching 27% of the primary energy mix globally and within that, strong growth in LNG. BCC Research expects LNG demand to double again to reach 550 million tons by 2030. Meeting this demand growth will require substantial investment in developing storage infrastructure — potentially more than $1.3 trillion. Natural gas storages will ensure continued innovation and enhance interdependency between supplier and consumer centers.

This report is divided into eleven chapters.

Chapter One presents the introduction. The study goal and objectives are identified and the reasons for doing the study advanced. It also provides the contribution of the study and for whom, the scope and format, methodology and intended audience. The credentials of the analyst are presented and the related BCC Research reports listed.

Chapter Two presents a summary of the report, including a summary table and figure which presents some key findings from the study

Chapter Three presents an overview of the natural gas storage industry. The overview describes the importance of the natural gas storage infrastructure in relation to the overall global energy economy, including a brief history and important indications for the industry. Key findings from the study are presented.

Chapter Four quantifies the demand for underground natural gas storage by type including aquifers, cavern, and depleted oil and gas fields. These products are each quantified with global and regional forecasts made up to 2020.

Chapter Five quantifies the demand for above ground natural gas storage by type including LNG tanker, merchant LNG and compressed natural gas. These products are each quantified with global and regional forecasts made up to 2020.

Chapter Six presents the demand for natural gas storage by application such as international LNG trade, seasonal balancing, system optimization and security of supply, arbitrage, transit backup and direct end-users and merchant LNG (now increasingly being used in heavy-duty vehicle transportation) and peak shaving. These are quantified with global and regional forecasts made to 2020.

Chapter Seven presents the demand for natural gas storage infrastructure by technology covering a detailed analysis of the containment systems. It assesses and evaluates the containment technology by type with global and regional breakdown and forecasts to 2020. An evaluation of the demand for natural gas storage intensity by type of storage technology is presented. The natural gas storage industry giants are identified and their market shares presented. The technology developments by industry giants are assessed, including company expertise and know-how, and leaders in research and development are also profiled.

Chapter Eight analyzes the international scene and quantifies global energy demand, population growth, natural gas reserves, production and consumption. It quantifies the growth of unconventional gas production, the price of natural gas and crude oil and looks at the shifts in major metals prices.

Chapter Nine analyzes the structure of the storage industry, including the driving forces of the industry. Important strategies for staying competitive and important shifts in the industry are assessed. Trade practices of the industry and business and the impact of storage on the petroleum and power industries are discussed. Concentration factors, valorization, and company market shares are presented. Other aspects covered in this section include competition and market segmentation/fragmentation.

Chapter Ten discusses the government environmental/energy regulation scene as it applies to natural gas storage infrastructure and business. The report also describes the environmental regulatory changes and agencies involved, including industry compliance and quantification of economic effects.

Chapter Eleven presents company profiles of more than 100 companies involved in the natural gas storage infrastructure, and business are profiled with highlights of their major activities in the storage business including the company name, telephone number, fax number, and contact name and number.

Analyst Credentials

Edward Gobina is a Full U.K. Professor of Chemical and Processing Engineering with 32 years of research and teaching experience in environmental engineering, petrochemical reaction engineering, and catalysis and membrane technology. His scientific achievements are archived in more than 300 articles and spread in more than 25 granted patents, more than 30 patent applications, and more than 100 invited and guest speaker presentations, as well as contributed presentations and prestigious refereed scientific journals, newsletters, proceedings and reviews. He has been a project analyst for BCC Research since 1998 and has authored more than 25 BCC Research reports. His reports have provided the critical links in the entire chemical and energy infrastructure chain, from hydrogen to advanced oil and gas exploitation, sensors and monitoring, and LNG infrastructure. Professor Gobina is a member of the European Membrane Society (EMS), the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) and the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). He is the current director of the Centre for Process Integration and Membrane Technology (CPIMT) within the School of Engineering at the Robert Gordon University in the U.K.

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