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New Review Summarizes Global Fuel Cell Industry

February 17, 2009

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Wellesley, Mass—A new market news review, 2008 FUEL CELL NEWS REVIEW (FCB007J) from BCC Research (, provides a comprehensive overview of the global fuel cell industry, offering detailed insight into current and emerging technologies and markets. BCC’s bi-monthly newsletter Fuel Cell Industry Report examines all major market segments within the area being researched, and provides an analysis of market drivers, major players, patent activity and other key market factors that are influencing or will influence market growth over the next four to 10 years.

This review addresses developments in the solid oxide fuel cell, the proton exchange membrane fuel cell and its subset, the direct methanol fuel cell, as well as the alkaline fuel cell, phosphoric acid fuel cell and molten carbonate fuel cell. 

In-depth information that manufacturers, integrators, suppliers and end users need in order to keep up with advances in mobile, stationary and portable fuel cell commercialization in regard to materials, applications, company activity and research is presented and discussed in detail.

The structure of the industry is examined including patterns of investments in fuel cell technology, current and pending legislation and political energy policy that affect the fuel cell industry. Company activities that shape growth in the industry, such as acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs also are discussed. 

Fuel cells are viewed as potential candidates for auxiliary power, mobile power, stationary, distributed or central power for the global market, as well as a potential power source for the transportation industry.

Advances in the technology have been made, but sometimes these advances reveal even more challenges. There is a growing realization that total dependency on hydrocarbon fuels is not a viable economic option and, as the technology advances, fuel cells have a part to play in securing energy security for any country that wants to improve the environment, reduce urban pollution and create jobs in manufacturing and the power sector.

Fuel Cell Industry Report Review 2008( FCB007J )
Publish Date: Feb 2009    

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