Episode 0: Welcome to You Should Know This

Welcome to You Should Know This, a podcast by BCC Research! This episode will introduce you to me, your host, Clara Mouawad and the inspiration behind this podcast. Join me as I talk to BCC's Director of Content, Tim Mclean. We discuss the core mission of BCC Research, why we created this show and what you can expect from our weekly episodes.


Clara Mouawad

Clara is the Content Specialist at BCC Research, where she spends her time writing blogs and white papers, designing graphics and thinking up ways BCC can take over the world...like with a podcast.

A world traveler (less so during COVID19, of course), marketing whiz and always thirsty for knowledge, Clara finds innovators in a variety of fields and asks the question that our listeners want to know: How will this industry, technology or company shape how we live and work in the future?