Market Research Reports by Category

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Advanced Materials

LED, liquid crystals, ion exchange, composite materials, engineering plastics, polymers, ceramics, glass, metals, alloy, construction materials, plasma and others.


DNA, RNA, proteomics, genomics, genetics, cancer, cell, protein, sequencing, biomarkers, peptides, in vitro diagnostics, molecular and others.


Coatings, specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, commodity chemicals, catalysts, resins, gases, fuels, energy, fracking fluids, pesticides and others.

Energy and Resources

Oil, gas, coal, nuclear industries, renewables, wind, solar geothermal and others.


Robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, materials handling, specialty commercial vehicles, ceramics, magnets, HVAC, abrasives and others.


Water quality, monitoring, infrastructure, waste treatment, waste management, renewable energy, alternative fuels, renewable chemicals and others.

Food and Beverage

Food testing, supplements, food additives, sweeteners, food packaging, food processing, micronutrients, crops, GMO, additives and others.

Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies

Lithium, alkaline, molten carbonate, proton exchange membranes, fuel cells, alternative energies, hybrids and others.


Medical device , diagnostics, tissue, surgical, biopsy, MRI, mobile health, orthopedic, monitoring, laboratory, telemedicine, endoscope and others.

Information Technology

Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, digital, software-defined, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, security, analytics, blockchain and others.

Instrumentation and Sensors

Wireless sensors, electrical enclosures, medical devices, gas detection, RFID, Raman spectroscopy, portable devices, building automation and others.


Machinery, equipment, processing, assembly, ultrasonics, physical vapor deposition, industrial boilers, hydraulic pumps, cranes and others.

Membrane and Separation Technology

Filtration, water and waste treatment, reverse osmosis, recycling, biopharmaceuticals, fuel cells, food processing, desalination, microfiltration and others.


Nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanocomposites, nanoclays, nanofibers, quantum dots, nanoceramic powders, nanotechnology and others.


Pharmaceutical manufacture, cancer, oncology, prevention and treatment, therapeutics, vaccines, clinical studies, drug delivery, immunology, immunotherapy and others.


Lasers, photonic sensors and detectors, laser systems, wavefront control, fiber optics, optical components, optical coatings, optical switches, ultrafast lasers and others.


Materials, plastics additives, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic film, packaging, polyurethane, polystyrene, rigid plastics, thermoplastics and others.

Safety and Security

Homeland security, information technology, forensics, surveillance, anti-terrorism, data security, mobile positioning, VSaaS and others.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor discreet components, organic semiconductors, organic LED, CMOS, NMOS, photolithography and others.