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Venture Capitalists

Advice For Venture Capitalists After COVID19

Like the rest of the world, Venture Capital firms and individual VCs are adjusting to a new normal. There,s no doubt that investment strategies will need to change—and are changing—in order to stay profitable. COVID derailed what had been a significant trend of growth in VC investments and the...

Ocean Cleanup

An Ocean Cleanup Project You Need To Know Part 2

Our last blog introduced you to the Benioff Ocean Initiative (BOI), an organization that works to ensure a healthy ocean for future generations through a wide variety of ocean cleanup projects. Today's blog is Part 2 of our interview with BOI where we discuss the impact of COVID19 on their ocean cleanup...

Ocean Cleanup

An Ocean Cleanup Project You Need To Know Part 1

In our last blog, we introduced you to several companies leading the ocean recyclable plastics market. A particularly successful organization is The Ocean Cleanup Project, headed by a team of Dutch scientists. Because of its success, The Ocean Cleanup Project has been awarded a $1M award...

Industrial Revolution

A Brief Guide to the 4th Industrial Revolution

What comes to mind when you hear the words "industrial revolution"? Is it the date 1784 and Cartwright's initial mechanical loom? Is it an image of a power-driven assembly line? Or maybe it’s a bit more recent, as in the late 90s that brought with it computing and early robotics.

Gardening and COVID19

Gardening and COVID19: Market Trends You Need To Know

There's been several consumer market trends triggered by coronavirus, from making sourdough starters to an unusual draw to banana bread. But a hobby that has really blossomed is that of gardening. Aside from providing those at home with something...

Tech Transfer Offices and COVID19

Tech Transfer Offices and COVID19: How To Prepare and Succeed

Creating a plan to prepare for COVID19-related changes and succeed in a post- COVID19 environment will require tech transfer offices will need to take both short- and long-term actions. We sat down with the Office of Research Commercialization at...

Your Data Your Way

Your Data. Your Way.

Picture it. The dreaded task of compiling quarterly market data looms over you. Once again, you'll have to dedicate a full day's work (likely more) to combing through market research reports and Google searches to find what you need, then formatting data in a way that your boss can read easily. Then, you have to analyze that data...

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics: Major Market Players

The abundance of trash in the ocean is a problem most of us, are aware of. While awareness is a necessary step in finding a solution, there are already many companies taking an innovative approach to this environmental issue. And not only are they cleaning up the ocean; they're making it profitable to do so.

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