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Health Food, Fitness And Stress Management

Health Food, Fitness And Stress Management Market Research To Support Your Projects

While New Year's (and basically all of 2020) looked different for many of us, there's one trend that stays the same. Come January, many consumers (and thus, businesses) have a renewed interest in health and wellness, particularly...

global cannabis market

Cannabis: 4 Fastest-Growing Markets Infographic

We watch the global cannabis market pretty closely and we want to make it easier for you to watch it, too. That's why we put together a list of the fastest-growing markets in cannabis that you should definitely keep an eye on. Cannabis Cultivation: 24.6%. Projected Revenue: $4.5B by 2024.

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: What We Love About Jennifer Anniston's Dad's Alma Mater

Experience what it's like to be a member with BCC by getting a free password to our library. Time for us to brag about another member! Last time, we bragged about Purdue University. Today we're highlighting the accomplishments of Penn State University (who list BCC as their...

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots: Market Trends You Need To Know

A collaborative robot, also referred to as a "cobot," can learn multiple tasks to assist humans in a combined workspace. Cobots are designed precisely for direct human interaction within a defined collaborative space where the robot and humans perform tasks simultaneously and in proximity...

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems: Market Trends You Need To Know

Advanced drug delivery systems (ADDS) refer to technologies used for controlling the rate of drug release. The type of technology used depends on the type of disease, type of drug and desired effect. Advanced formulations and use of novel drug vehicles...

What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 6

What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 6

We're back with our 6th installment of What Our Members Are Up To, a monthly blog that highlights the recent accomplishments of our members who are doing amazing work in their fields—from academia, corporate and everything in between. Academic Members—University and College Libraries.

Fastest-Growing Markets In November 2020

Fastest-Growing Markets In November 2020

If there's one market to watch, it's batteries. All batteries will change in the next 5 years. And a lot of other industries will change, too. To help you keep track of the markets you should be following, we put together a list of the markets with the highest Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGRs) and...

Safe Toys

Safe Toys and Gifts Market Research To Support Your Projects

In honor of Safe Toys and Gifts Month, BCC wants to support corporate and academic organizations in furthering their projects and initiatives related to toy safety, lead poisoning, safety testing regulations and more. That's why we're highlighting the...

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