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breast cancer

Breast Cancer Diagnostics: Market Trends You Need To Know

Cancer is never a fun topic, and breast cancer specifically can be a tough conversation to have. As the second leading cause of death for women, it can feel like a losing battle. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, the majority of deaths can be avoided with proper detection...

environment and sustainability

4 Markets In Sustainability You Should Know

As BCC Research has been covering the Environment and Sustainability industry for 50 years, we like to keep an eye out for new advancements. Here's some industry news we thought you should know. KFC recently announced its dalliance with creating a new kind of meat: 3D-printed chicken nuggets, aka...

Market Research On Engineering

Market Research On Engineering

The month of September marks not only a return to school and regular work hours (of course both of those things look differently in the age of COVID19), but September is also a time when many countries celebrate World Engineers’ Day. Since many of our members are engineers, work in the engineering space or support students in...

vaccine technologies

Vaccine Technologies: Market Trends You Need To Know

The menace of infectious and non-infectious diseases creates the demand for different types of vaccines. Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce the global disease load. The overall increase in infectious and noninfectious diseases, growing population, technological advancements and continuous...


Market Research On Cannabis, Cannabis Products And More

Last week, we posted about our member, Gilson, who found a method of producing high yields of impurity-free CBD products in an efficient, cost-effective way, via chromatographic purification. We got such a great response from that post (all credit goes to Gilson and their innovative production...

What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 3

What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 3

We're back with another installment of our series, What Our Members Are Up To, where we get a chance to brag about our what our members are up to—their accomplishments, the many ways they're creating impact in their fields and more. Here's Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them. Here's what our members...

cancer diagnostics

The Future of Cancer Diagnostics

Despite great advances in treatments and technology, cancer continues to be the second leading cause of death—worldwide. This makes the market for next generation cancer diagnostics one that is ripe with significant growth potential. A key driving force for industry growth is liquid biopsy-based cancer diagnostics.

Cell-Based Meat

Cell-Based Meat: Market Trends and Projections

Cell-based meat is plant-based meat's more eccentric cousin. Not yet on the market, there's a lot of excitement surrounding it within the agtech industry. Currently, when thinking of alternative protein sources, mainly for reasons that lean towards sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, people think of The Impossible Burger.

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