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At BCC Research, we are committed to ongoing innovation and enhancement of our offerings. Our comprehensive suite of products and services is designed to support our clients in achieving leadership within their respective industries, facilitating the launch of new patents, and gaining valuable insights into the future trajectory of their markets. We invite you to contact us today to explore how our solutions can contribute to your success.

Membership Sservice


Our ever-expanding library of reports provides you with the data, insights and market intel you need to drive your business forward with confidence. From market sizing and forecasts through to opportunity assessments and competitor analysis, being a member of BCC Research entitles you to unlimited report access from the collections of your choice.

We support our members wherever they are on their paths to change, partnering with them to create lasting value. The team at BCC Research continuously listen to our members’ needs and suggestions, ensuring that the topics we explore are of the highest quality and relevance to our existing members and growing research community.

Membership benefits:
  • Unlimited access to reports from the collections of your choice
  • Exclusive pricing on additional reports outside of these collections
  • Exclusive pricing on custom consulting projects
  • Dedicated services team and unrivalled customer support
  • Priority access to analysts via the member services team
  • Exclusive editorial time, Q&A's and research input every quarter
  • Reliable market forecasts through in-depth methodology
Custom Consulting Service

Custom Consulting

Our 50 years of experience supporting organization with actionable insights through our renown syndicate report library, has taught us that for an organization to truly understand and confidently maximize on growth opportunities of their market and minimize risks, they must leverage highly-customized market insights per the specific parameters of each strategic business objective.

BCC’s Custom Consulting methodologies, direct engagement with primary sources, combined with existing industry data enables leaders to make profitable decisions based on data-driven insights, expert analysis, and proprietary forecasting models, to ensure they can confidently capitalize on market opportunities.

We are currently supporting others like you with:
  • Market Demand & Pricing Insights
  • Competitive Intelligence & Regional Expertise
  • Growth Strategy Planning & Market Entry
  • Technology Landscape
  • Partner Assessment
  • Investment Appraisal


Our Venture Scorecard empowers commercialization offices and decision makers with an expert analysis snapshot of the critical dynamics surrounding their innovation and its target market.

For companies at the stage of commercializing new products or reviewing investment opportunities, our Scorecard provides strategic insights to serve as pillars for the commercialization and investment strategy - helping them align objectives to market realities at every stage, from opportunity assessment, and market entry, to growth planning.

Our Scorecard can address topics such as:
  • Market size and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) projection
  • Identification of High Growth regions
  • In-depth examination of Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Competitive landscape of top players and emerging startups
  • ESG Evaluation: Analysis of environmental and social impacts
  • Profiling of Top Industry Players and Emerging Startups
Innovation Spotlights

Innovation Spotlight

For organizations seeking to optimize the market potential of new and existing commercialized products, patents, and intellectual property, BCC Research's team of industry experts provides strategic guidance.

We equip you with insights into market trends, competitive dynamics, and effective positioning spotlighting your innovation to stand out. Our Innovation Spotlight service then works to give your product added exposure to thought leaders and the wider community.

Our Innovation Spotlight Service includes:
  • Enhanced Visibility: Promote to your target audience and BCC Research's network of industry influencers of relevance
  • Dedicated Landing Page in our Innovation Spotlight Library
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Promotion strategy via email, social, blogs, PR, webinars, and SEO
  • Quality Lead Generation: Connect with customers and partners interested in your innovation area

If you are unable to find a solution that aligns with your requirements, we welcome the opportunity to engage in a discussion. Kindly contact us at your earliest convenience to converse with a dedicated sales representative who can provide insights into how our comprehensive team of researchers, marketers, and sales professionals can contribute to optimizing your company's performance. We are confident in our ability to offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us: info@bccresearch.com