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BCC Research for Academic Institutions

Academic institutions around the globe subscribe to BCC Research to utilize the vast library of market research reports that aid students, professors, and technology transfer professionals in conducting research projects. Students appreciate the depth and specificity of BCC Research reports, finding it easy to uncover all of the data they need, from growth trends and market opportunities to geographic breakdowns and company profiles.

An academic membership with BCC Research includes:

  • Comprehensive Reports.

    With a wide scope of industries and technologies covered, students from multiple disciplines utilize BCC Research reports to understand the trends, latest applications and key players within a given market. These insights aid in market assessment, competitive analysis and career exploration, among other stages of the research process.
  • Unlimited Report Downloads.

    Students and faculty access the same reports that our corporate clients use for decision-making, along with partner reports that focus on finished goods and consumer markets, with no download limit.
  • Research Support.

    A research concierge in the online library can answer questions and direct students to the appropriate resources. All students have to do is ask!
  • Live Webinars.

    Students and faculty of member institutions are welcome to attend our live webinars, free of charge.
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