Innovation Spotlight: Thryve: DIY Microbiome Testing

Report Code: BIO219A

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware about their wellness and want to have a handle on their health maintenance. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the past 1.5 years of social distancing, the DTC testing market has grown even more popular. Many diagnostic laboratories are also offering DTC testing for COVID-19.

But even outside of COVID, hectic work schedules are now a leading cause for many consumers to either skip their routine physical testing or delay their prescribed medical tests. The launch of direct-to-consumer (DTC) laboratory tests have proved a boon for such consumers, bringing simplicity and flexibility to routine testing.

Microbiome at-home test kits are gaining increased popularity because of novelty and the applicability in improving quality of life for the consumers. The companies offering the tests provide the results based on several genetic and metabolic factors of the individual, thereby offering insight into the well-being of that individual.

BCC spoke with Sarah Daniels, Ph.D, from Thryve, a company offering gut microbiome test kits that offer ease of testing at home and online delivered results. Some of these tests also highlight the risks for diseases and recommend personalized diet plans.

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