Innovation Spotlight: Nanosys and MicroContinuum: Displays

Report Code: SMC126A

If aliens landed today and looked around at humans, they would describe us behaviorally as “primates who look at screens.” Our phones, computers, TVs, E-readers, tablets, gaming devices all compete furiously for our eyeball time. In the car you get screen time when you’re driving or in the back of a cab. Retail signage has blurred the lines between billboards and living, moving architecture (if you’ve ever been inside any large hotel lobby in Las Vegas or Tokyo, you know what we’re writing about). The world is becoming Times Square, large and small.

Display technology can be thought of as residing in two main camps—the front end (the emission of light, and thus images) and the back end (the power source and structural scaffolding allowing this to happen in new ways). BCC interviewed a major innovator in both camps.

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