Innovation Spotlight: Thryve and SFA Therapeutics: Microbiome Therapeutics

Report Code: BIO210A

“Microbiome” refers to the trillions of microbes that inhabit the human body and live (mostly) in symbiosis with the human host. In the last two decades, information has shed light on the biological importance of human microbiome/microbiota, particularly on physiological, metabolic and immunological processes. Any disruption in the microbial population or host interaction leads to “dysbiosis.” This disruption of microbial diversity has now been associated with a multitude of chronic diseases and some infections.

BCC spoke with two microbiome experts: Sarah Daniels, PhD, from Thryve Inside, a company offering gut microbiome test kits and Dr. Ira Spector, CEO of SFA Therapeutics, a microbiome therapeutics company focused on treating chronic inflammatory diseases.

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