Innovation Spotlight: Enapter: Green Hydrogen

Report Code: CHM168A

In the current age of fast automobiles and autonomous vehicles, depleting natural reservoirs is a pressing issue. Hence, investors are anticipating hydrogen to be the next generation of fuel. Powering fuel cell vehicles is expected to be one of the most profitable applications of green hydrogen. Also, fuel cell vehicles have gained traction over the last few years and are destined to become a norm during upcoming years. Efforts to ramp up green hydrogen and hydrogen use for the energy transition are increasing in many countries, emphasizing larger-scale, more power system-friendly electrolysis.

Reducing the cost of renewable power has improved the demand for stationary applications. The urgency of climate action is now a key market driver. More and more efforts are being made to raise green hydrogen, and its use for energy conversion is increasing in many developed and developing nations. This lays a large emphasis on large-scale electrolysis systems.

We sat down with Enapter, one of the fast-growing startups with a promising future. Enapter designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators to mass produce low-cost and safe hydrogen.

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