According to BCC Research, HAI treatments to increase from nearly $17.1 billion in 2015 to $23 billion by 2020

June 11, 2015

Wellesley, Mass., June 11, 2015 – Based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) prevalence survey released in March 2014, approximately 1 in 25 hospital patients had at least one healthcare-acquired infection (HAI). There were an estimated 722,000 HAI in U.S. acute care hospitals alone in 2011, with approximately 75,000 hospital patients with HAI dying during their hospitalizations. Additionally, more than half of all HAI occurred outside of the intensive care unit. BCC Research expects the global market for selected HAI treatments to increase from nearly $17.1 billion in 2015 to $23 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2015 to 2020.

Considerable resources have been devoted to reducing HAI in developed countries. Healthcare institutions are developing education on prevention for all areas of personnel, manufacturers continue to develop new products that specifically address HAI, pharmaceutical companies are pursuing new or reformulated antibiotic and antiviral medications to avert resistance, and healthcare personnel are vigorously pursuing infection control techniques that have been shown to reduce HAI.

“HAI infection rates are stabilizing and in some cases decreasing in the U.S. and some Western European countries partly due to increased control efforts by healthcare professionals and the availability of devices with specialized coatings to help avert infections,” says BCC Research analyst Peggy Lehr. “America currently holds approximately 42% of the global market for HAI products, but that leadership position is predicted to shrink to 40% by 2020 with the rise of Asian markets, particularly India and China.”

Healthcare-Acquired Infection: Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and Environmental Products(HLC092C) is a valuable tool for anyone assessing the HAI market and attempting to devise a strategy to successfully compete in this market. The report will benefit business planners, acquisition specialists, licensing strategists, product managers, market research analysts, investing consultants and others interested in the HAI market, its products, its participants and its future.

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Healthcare-Acquired Infection: Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and Environmental Products( HLC092C )
Publish Date: May 2015    

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