Global Microsensors Market Slated For High Growth Through 2013

April 14, 2008


According to a new technical market research report, Microsensors: MEMs, Biosensors and Nanosensors (IAS027A) from BCC Research, the global market for microsensors is expected to be worth $3.2 billion in 2008. This will increase to over $8.4 billion by the end of 2013, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3%.

The market is broken down into applications of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), biochips and nanosensensors. Of these, MEMS have the largest share of the market. Valued at $2.2 billion in 2007, this segment is expected to increase to $2.6 billion by the end of 2008 and to $6.4 billion in 2013, for a CAGR of 19.6%. MEMS had an 82.8% share of the market in 2007, but this is expected to decline to 76.5% in 2013.

The second largest segment, biochips, was worth $465 million in 2007 and will reach $581.5 million in 2008. It is expected to increase to $1.8 billion by the end of 2013, for a CAGR of 25.6%. Biochips\' market share is expected to increase from 17.2% in 2007 to 21.6% in 2013.

Nanosensors are expected to see their first significant commercial sales in the years after 2008, reaching almost 2% of the microsensor market by 2013 with a value of $159.9 million.

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Source: BCC Research

MEMS pressure sensors enjoyed the largest market of any microsensor type in 2007, followed by MEMS accelerometers, biochips, MEMS gyroscopes, chemical and gas, and thermal sensors respectively.

The automotive sector was the largest user of microsensors in 2007, with over 38% of the market, followed by life sciences (32.3%) and the process industries (11.7%). By 2013, life sciences should be the largest end-user segment, with 32.4% of the market, while the automotive sector will drop into second place at 24.8%, followed closely by consumer products (23.9%).

Microsensors: MEMS, Biosensors and Nanosensors( IAS027A )
Publish Date: Apr 2008    

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