Top 10 Game-Changers in the Medical Plastics Industry

“Medical Plastics: Global Markets Set to Surge from $25.6 billion to $41.2 by 2028, Driven by Increasing Demand for Advanced Healthcare Solutions”, According to Latest BCC Research Study

June 13, 2024

Boston: In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, medical plastics play a pivotal role in innovation, efficiency, and safety. From advanced prosthetics to essential medical devices, these materials are the backbone of modern medicine. The medical plastics industry involves the production and use of plastic materials specifically designed for healthcare applications. These plastics are used to make a wide range of medical products and devices, from everyday items like syringes and tubing to advanced surgical instruments and implants. Medical Plastics: Global Markets is fueling this growth, with the market value expected to reach $41.2 billion by the end of 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.0%.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 companies leading the charge in the global medical plastics market, transforming the way we approach healthcare.

1. DuPont

DuPont is a powerhouse in the world of medical plastics. Their materials, like Delrin and Zytel, are known for being strong, durable, and safe for medical use, making them perfect for things like medical devices and equipment.


BASF is a giant in the chemical industry, and their medical plastics are top-notch. Their products, such as Ultrason and Ultradur, are widely used because they can be sterilized easily and are very reliable.


SABIC provides high-quality plastics that are essential in the medical field. Their Lexan and ULTEM materials are clear and tough, making them ideal for use in medical tubing and diagnostic equipment.

4. Covestro

Covestro specializes in high-tech plastics that are perfect for medical applications. Their Makrolon polycarbonate is popular for making surgical instruments and drug delivery devices because it is clear, strong, and easy to sterilize.

5. Solvay

Solvay offers a wide range of high-performance plastics for the medical industry. Their Ixef and Udel materials are known for their strength and heat resistance, making them suitable for reusable medical devices and sterilization trays.

6. Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman’s medical-grade plastics are known for being reliable and consistent. Their Tritan copolyester is especially popular for making durable and chemical-resistant medical devices like fluid management systems and surgical instruments.

7. Celanese Corporation

Celanese is a leader in producing high-performance engineered materials. Their Hostaform and Vectra plastics are used in orthopaedic devices and inhalation systems because they are strong, low-friction, and wear-resistant.

8. Ensinger

Ensinger is a key player in the medical plastics market with their TECAPEEK and TECAFLON products. These materials are highly biocompatible and can withstand harsh sterilization processes, making them perfect for implants and surgical tools.

9. Röchling Medical

Röchling Medical makes precise medical components from advanced plastics. Their expertise ensures that their products meet high standards of safety and performance, making them a trusted supplier for medical device makers.

10. Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of medical-grade plastics for fluid handling, filtration, and bioprocessing. Their Tygon tubing is well-known in the industry for its flexibility, clarity, and chemical resistance, making it ideal for various medical uses.

These companies are not just suppliers; they are innovators, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in medical technology. Thanks to their cutting-edge materials, healthcare is becoming safer, more effective, and more accessible for people around the world.

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