BCC Research Announces New Read Only Library Access Option Affordable Short Term Access Now Offered

March 08, 2017

Today BCC Research announced an evolution in its online library portal— Read Only Library access. Allowing 90 days of unlimited access to its repository of in-depth market research reports, Read Only Access is for business leaders seeking the competitive advantage that BCC's proprietary research provides, but without the long-term commitment usually associated with library subscriptions.

"Our Read Only Library access allows users to utilize the same trusted market research—with accurate forecasting, astute analysis and actionable insights—industry leaders have been relying on for decades,” said John Blake, CEO, BCC Research. “Our customers were clear that they value the quality of our research, but, at times, only need our reports to support ad hoc projects.  We built Read Only Access to satisfy that demand.”

Read Only Access Benefits:

  • 90 days of access to complete research reports in an online read-only format
  • Tailored access to category coverage relevant to needs
  • Five year forecasts and CAGR’s to support business plans and informed decision-making
  • Time to discover the depth and breadth of coverage of reports and categories while considering full library access

"We understand that utilizing market research requires an investment of both time and monetary resources,” continued Blake.  “While we are confident that our users will like what they see in our research, with Read Only, they now have an affordable ‘try before you buy’ option in which to judge the quality of the forecasts and analysis.”

Who benefits?

  • Start-up companies looking for outside market data to bolster pitches for venture funds
  • Commercialization incubators supporting sound business planning from new ventures
  • Small companies looking to expand to new markets with existing products
  • Product managers at large companies in need of project specific research

BCC Research's read-only access feature, which includes reports published starting in 2015 through the present, is accessible through Web browsers on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For more information about BCC Research, please visit bccresearch.com. Follow BCC Research on Twitter at @BCCResearch.



Angela Sarno