Global Water-soluble Polymer Market to Reach $49.6 Billion by 2022

October 24, 2017

WELLESLEY, Mass., October 24, 2017 – Propelled by activity in the Asia-Pacific, Southern Asia, Latin America and Middle East markets, the global water-soluble polymer market is showing expansion, with compound annual growth through 2022 projected to be 5.8%, according to an industry report by BCC Research. In North America and Europe, technology maturity and market saturation are combining to slow growth.

Water-soluble polymers have a wide range of uses and are found in the food processing, mining, paper, petrochemical, personal care, textile and water treatment industries.

Growth in the global water-soluble polymer industry will be led by applications in the food processing industry, where annual expansion will average 7.1% through 2022, according to the report Water-soluble Polymers: Technologies and Global Markets. Other fast-growing market segments include the water treatment and personal care industries.

Research Highlights

  • The largest market segment for water-soluble polymers by value is the food processing industry, whose 2016 value was $6.5 billion, followed by water treatment and the petrochemical and oilfield industry.
  • Powders will remain the most popular form of water-soluble polymers, with a 2016 market share of 53.6%.
  • In North America, the water-soluble polymers market in the U.S. and Canada has already reached its maturity phase caused by lack of further water treatment facilities expansion, decrease in government spending and saturation of industry level applications. 

“The growth potential and future of the water-soluble polymers market depends on many factors, including the ever-increasing applications of natural and mixed polymers in food processing and pharmaceuticals, environmental regulations and growing demand for natural water-soluble polymers and polyacrylamide—synthetic—water-soluble polymers,” said Kevin Fitzgerald, BCC Research editorial director.

Major players in the global water-soluble polymers market are SNF s.a.s., BASF SE, Dow Chemical Company, Arkema France S.A, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and Ashland Global Holding Corporation.

Limited Growth in United States, Europe Due to Many Factors

Use of some water-soluble polymers has been decreasing for the past several years in Europe and North America due to concerns over performance, the availability of cheaper natural polymers, a lack of product innovation and an increase in water treatment projects using high end organic and natural-resource based water-soluble polymers. Many of those same factors are reversed in the Asia-Pacific region, however, where the industry is still in a growth phase.

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